My inky present to you to “Be yourself”


This week I reminded myself how wishing you were someone else or like someone else is kind of silly.  If you try to hard to be like someone else whether in the way you dress, talk and even in creative cases make art you’re not really being yourself are you?

If you try so hard to be like someone else you’re not really being who you are and for all you know people will no doubt like “you” better than trying to be someone else. So dress, talk,walk,slurp your tea,munch macaroons and draw your own way because its all part of who you are and someone will love you for it .

Have you ever tried to be something your not creatively? How did you get back to being yourself?

Kate x

p.s On another note its monday , its cold and there is a lack of macaroons in my fridge … now where to find some?

What’s in this very beautiful blossom filled package ….?


A very inky inspirational blossom filled package came through my letter box the other day. What’s in the box? I hear you say… well, scroll down, and we’ll take a peek together.

bloom & wild project

What was inside, brought colour to not only the room, but a smile to my face, as well. I’d not heard of Bloom and Wild before. Until I happened to be flipping over Instagram, only to see Jenny Hyde’s picture of her own bouquet. To say the least, I was more than intrigued.


I fell in love with the beautiful floral bouquets they had to offer. SInce a young age, I’ve had a love for botanicals and even began studying floristry for a little while.  Every now and then a girl deserves a bunch of flowers right?


What could be more chic than a beautiful bouquet in my favourite portmerion jug? (to heck using the jug for juice, flowers are the way to go)  I have to say they make an inspirational sweet smelling addition to my little inky desk. The quality of the bouquet is beautiful and I was even more impressed by how carefully Bloom & Wild packaged everything to prevent any damage.  Making them a pretty perfect present for any mum out there.



How do I intend to admire my bouquet?

Well, I intend to do more than gaze at it with a smile. This story is yet to be continued…

As you can see, even my little inky pens are getting all floral…and are ready for some doodling inky business!

Kate x

Inky faq


As I share more and more of my inky work on my instagram and blog, I get a few questions asked that people are intrigued to know. So here’s an inky faq if there’s anymore questions people have I’ll make more parts of these faq’s over time.

Where did you go to art school?

I studied Contemporary art practice : illustration and Creative Entrepreneurship in Illustration at Staffordshire University in the UK. However I’ve been creating art since the age of two and in college dabbled as a print maker aswell as an inky illustrator.

What did you do after graduating?

After graduating I spent time participating in a post-graduate business scheme aswell as completed an internship and such to build my experiences and skills.

What materials and equipment do you use in your work?

Most of my illustration work begins using staedtler artist grade pencils ( 2h & hb ), I sketch my composition out to define where I want things to go and then I move onto inking. Although I use a mixture of fineliners my most favourite I have to say is the staedtler pigment liner ( size 0.3 is one of my favourites in particular) , I transfer alot of my initial concepts and designs onto seawhite layout paper which is later scanned in for a little editing using my A3 epson wf7515 scanner printer.

Sadly I am not a wielder of a great apple computer however I do use a Windows 7 all in one Hp desktop to which like many designers I use to edit ( only slightly) my designs in photoshop. To add colour to my work I tend to stay true to my traditional roots and use a windsor and newton watercolour set on watercolour paper to create splash of colour to bring more life to my work.

Are you going to release your own products and prints?

Yes in the new year of 2015 I plan to release a line of prints via my main website and update my society 6 shop to expand my designs and offer a wider collection of products through it.

Is illustration all you do?

Though I love illustration I also have a flare for creative writing and hence enjoy making both blog posts and creative content.  If you didn’t know I’m a blogger over at the Illustration friday blog bring creative advice, inspiration and motivational posts to the blog every week. 


Kate x