A very inky #inktober

Sadly #inktobers come to an end but I had so much fun getting the pens out and being more inky everyday ( its a must to be inky daily anyway but sometimes life runs away with you). Here’s a peek at some of the inktober instagrams I made and though I do have one more inky reveal project up my sleeve I am going to hold onto it a little longer to just keep you all in suspense :).

Fullscreen capture 28102014 114834.bmp

Fullscreen capture 28102014 114954.bmp

Fullscreen capture 28102014 115001.bmp

(You can find close up’s of my inky doodles over at my instagram page)

Please let me know what you did for #inktober it would be great to see what you all got up to :).

Kate x

If you go down to the woods today … an inky rendition

It’s autumn and I can tell not just by the fact I wear at least 3 layers of clothing before I venture outside (I’m a wimp to the cold) but also because the leaves are falling and everything outside is changing.

 My creative friend Kim made an autumn post exploring and admiring all the seasons woodland findings whilst on her travels ( take a peek here). So taking a bit of inspiration from Kim’spost I thought I’d share with you what autumn goodie I came across after taking a closer look.


(Moldy but still kinda cute)


(I remember doing bark rubbings with crayon on paper as a kid do you? :) )


(As bright and colourful as these are I think they’re more the birdies taste than mine)


( Not much to say other than it’s a pine cone )


(It always fascinates me how birds make bedding out of this,  kind of like a bird duvet if you think about it :) )


( I’m not exactly sure what these are do you know?)


These are just a few of the things I found ,  but what about you what autumn findings have you come across yet ? :)

Kate x

More inky studio sneak peeks…

Fullscreen capture 22102014 134549.bmp

Just a small work in progress sneak peek continuation from my last post ( which you can find here) there’s lots going on both in and out of the studio lately, I’m still working on updating my website and portfolio whilst juggling  yoga,writing and decorating. Usually colour is a big challenge for me although after going back to my creative roots looking through my degree folio, I realise I actually had a flair for watercolours and putting them together with my inky doodles created this so far :) not to shabby huh?  What’s on your creative agenda today?

Kate x