Sketchbook sneak peak #makeartthatsells and an inky update


Hey everyone ,

What a drama the month of june has been , whether those of you have noticed this month has been a tad quiet on my little inky blog front but there is a good reason for that I can assure you. No I wasn’t saving the world with batman, sailing across the pacific or anything extravagant like that quite the opposite though in not so many words you could say my studio resembled that of an ocean.


Without going into detail that little hiccup was the reason for my disappearance and temporary two-week holiday from my inky doodling ( oh how I’ve missed you). To make things worse I missed my Make art that sells boot camp deadline so sadly all I have to show for my june project is my deep-sea doodles you see here.


On a brighter note though things could have been a lot worse , so my plan from here on out is to rescue what’s left of my studio , get back onto my blog writing both here and at illustration friday and continue to share with you more inky doodles minus the soggyness. More to come soon though guys so watch this space and I’m eager to get back checking out your creative works and wonder’s aswell!



Kate x

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3 things my golden retrievers taught me


Working from home every week can get a bit lonely at times though often when I feel that way I happen to notice something golden and fluffy lay by the desk under my feet.

I’m lucky enough to have three fluffy golden’s that keep me and my family company throughout the day, though being a thinker despite them being apart of our family my golden’s have actually taught me a thing or two .

  1. It’s ok to lie in the sun and do nothing now and again ( housework can wait)
  2. Get to know  somebody you never quite know what “treats” are in store if you do ( you know like bacon stripes, chewy milky bones and all that good stuff ;) ) .
  3. Don’t pick faults in yourself  and be happy with how you are , even if you completely miss the frisbee you still attempted to catch it, give everything your all and are willing to try again.

My golden retrievers though they are extremely fluffy, steal my socks, drool on my leg whilst I eat biscuits and prevent me from ever wearing black I love them to pieces.  It’s surprising how much you can learn from something so slobbery and small don’t you think?  :)

Kate x

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How to : father’s day handmade mug for dad #fathersday



Hey everyone !

With father’s day right around the corner its safe to say that dad’s not the easiest person to pick a gift for and no doubt if you gave him flowers ( though some love them I’m sure) he’d give you a funny look or two. Although if you’re feeling a little stumped for what to make for dad this father’s day then I’m sure he’d love nothing more than to receive an inky mug personally made by you.



What you need : 

1. Plain white porcelain mug

2.  Uni Paint gold pen ( fine and extra tip)

Optional : Piece of draft paper & pencil , nail polish remover & cotton wool

1-New folder (3)

Step one : Gather all your materials together ( mug , pens etc)  to start your inky project , the pens you choose can be in any colour you’d like although for this project I decided to stick with a “gold” tone marker for special effect.

Due to the fact these pens are oil based this means that you can draw directly onto the mugs surface with ease and unlike standard permanent markers the design won’t rub away.


Step two : If you’re a little daunted drawing straight onto your mug or aren’t to sure what design to draw, why not draft your design out on paper before hand ( optional).  This will give you a blueprint of a design to go by like I did here with my fish design making it easier for you to know where and what to draw.

Tip : If you’re a little stuck on what to include in your design why not think about your dad’s favourite thing, my dad’s was fishing so this inspired my little mug design so a thought that small is sure to inspire yours too.


Step three: Once your finished and happy with your design now its time to get down to the real inkyness. Both the fine ( bullet nib) and extra fine ( fine liner) nib pens work well on the surface of the mug , so all that’s left to do is have fun and embellish your mug how you’d like to especially for dad.

1-Recently Updated

Step four : Be careful as you make your way across your mug, whether your left-handed or right the ink in the pen still takes a few seconds to dry otherwise it could smudge your design. If you make a mistake you can use nail polish remover and some cotton wool to remove a section of your design  where you like.


Final step: Last but not least once your design is all done leave it to dry for 24 hours and then bake the mug  in the oven at 350c for 30 minutes ( you can convert the temperature depending on whether your ovens electric or fan based). Be sure to ask for the help of an adult when using a kitchen oven if your of a young age, once its done baking give it plenty of time to cool and package it how you’d like ready for dad on father’s day :)

I hope you enjoyed this little inky how to post and maybe it gives you some creative inspiration and idea’s on what to make for dad this fathers day :).

Kate x

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A glimpse into the sketchbook three #makeartthatsells

Hey everyone !

So this is just a quite small ” sketchbook sneak peek” for  may’s part of my mats boot camp project , this months project was based around the creation of an illustration that voiced ” The benefits of meditation”.

In the beginning we were challenged to lend our creative hand to drawing people, face and features and no doubt like many of you we creatives have one teeny tiny area of doubt when it comes to drawing certain subject matter and mines  people for sure.


I’ll tell you a story that happened why back when in the days of art college where I had quite an old-fashioned illustration teacher. He was a nice chap and probably like many teens I went through the whole loving anime stage , the books and all that jazz so naturally when I was challenged to draw people that’s sort of how they turned out or so it seemed according to my illustration teacher.


My lecturer bless him was all ” Manga is an art by the japanese and its often very hard to distinguish that kind of art in your own style … blah blah ” so basically he wanted me to not draw people like I was but to me I guess that’s how in my mind they looked and how my style then applied.

So without a doubt when Lilla Rogers gave us the brief to draw people my jaw dropped to the floor and I avoided the project for about a week ( simply due to my mind going ” how am I going to draw this without it looking manga like?!?!) . It’s funny how your creative mind can have those triggers no doubt its the same if you can’t draw animals or any other kind of matter really.

Although now I look at it really my illustration is nothing like manga and this is just my own artistic representation of how I’d make a person look. So for any of you fellow creatives out there who are daunted by the prospect of drawing something that’s a challenge or new to you , don’t worry about getting a perfected result just have fun with it and see where your style takes you.

Kate x

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Inky tips : Sharpie fine tip marker ( in gold wahoo!)

Hello everyone!

So this months inky tips is slightly different because we’re bringing a little colour to the tips series as I stumbled across the little metallic sharpie  marker series online and thought why not!  Now you might sit and ponder ” What can I do with a sharpie marker for an inky project?” but there’s plenty these  little pens and your creative talent can do so here’s a few of my own inky tips to help generate some idea’s that may inspire you along the way.


Inky tip one : 

These sharpie metallic markers come  in a mix of two nib sizes from a “fine” nib which is like a bullet tip ( as seen below) to the ” extra fine”  which is more like a fine liner nib for more detailed work.

If you like to do more finer details of pen work like I’m used to then it’d probably be worth going for an extra fine tip sharpie as I found this one was a little to big, but worked wonders for my egg cup DIY which you can check out “here”  and filling in lots of open space.

Inky tip two : 

These pens are alcohol based  meaning they are fast drying markers so you have no real worries about smudges or your design wiping away. They’re  water proof  / fade proof  to so any beautiful design you make is sure to stay on surfaces that are purely I’d say for decorative uses such as drawing onto a print, notebook etc ( I’ll explain why shortly :) ) .

Depending on the surface you draw on you might also need to go over your original line for a stronger layered pigment of colour just to give you a more defined line.


Inky tip three : 

Last but not least another pro to these pens is that they are workable onto just about any type of surface and I’ve seen a lot of very talented people make some amazing projects with these sharpie markers.

Although projects such as DIY mugs or drawing onto your own phone cases requires an oil based version of this marker rather than an alcohol one. This is simply because through experience I’ve found they either wash off , the design will fade , discolour or rub off over time. So if you’d like to try this marker for projects like this it may not be ideal.

Price wise :

I purchased my marker in gold from for about £1.70 though you can pretty much find them in any local art shop or stationery stores online.

They do come available in a varied palette of other colours from pastels to primary’s and more metallic such as copper and silver ,  making them perfect for adding accents and extra highlighted details to any illustration, painting or project.

I hope this inky tip post was helpful I’ve got some more lined up in the coming months for a light box review and some more inky pens. If there’s anything else you’d like to know more about that I could help with though just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. What kind of creative project would you use these inky markers for ? :)


Kate x

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#Everydayinmay sketchbook challenge week two or maybe three!


Hey everyone,

I hope your all having a super creative week and enjoying some lovely weather ( well here in the UK we finally have some sunshine hurray!). Anyway this little post is a continuation of my #everydayinmay sketch series which is happening daily over at my instagram page “here” . The aim of this little inky challenge was to really get into just loosely drawing and with an open mind creative a “doodle a day “ of anything that comes to mind first thing in the morning. So here’s a little inky collection of some of my sketches from week two to three of my #everydayinmay challenge :) and if your always creating daily doodles of your own be sure to let me know I’d love to see what your up to!



(Pitter patter of birdie feet)


( Amy owl , teeny tiny shoes and a fresh cup of green tea :)

1-New folder (2)

( Flutter by butterfly  , flip flops for the summer season and a oh so cute guineapig)


(Last but not least one of my current favourite films and soundtracks “Elsa” from frozen :)

Kate x

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