Getting inky with the local paper ! #inkynews


Hello my inky friends,

I’m super  excited to share with you all that I recently got approached to write a feature article for the local Staffordshire newspaper called  “the sentinel“.  They were on the search for talented bloggers in the Staffordshire area and after getting in touch, I came up with this inky post  on finding creative inspiration in Staffordshire for them.  The article was released this monday ( 16th of march 2015) featuring my three most favourite places to go in Staffordshire to just get a bit of that inky inspiration I need to start any new creative project.

shirehall picture

(This is my picture of Shire hall from afew years ago, pretty fancy right!)

The potteries Hanley museum ,  Staffordshire Shire Hall art gallery and Yellowstone art boutique were my top creative picks of places to go to just visually broaden my ideas by putting myself around creative seeds of potential inspiration.

What Creative places do you like to go to get inspired?

Katie x

Cheeky pigs , inky doodles and new ideas



The past few weeks have been so busy and strangely enough alongside sorting out my shop ( still working on listings and stock but it will be up this march!) I discovered a new inky part of myself. As you may be aware from my cuteness filled instagram feed as of late I’ve been rather preoccupied with my little piggies aswell as sitting in awe watching  Laura at piggiepigpigs videos on YouTube.


Filled with inky piggie inspiration I grabbed my pens and just in a care free way started to scribble my pigs. Usually my drawing style is so intricate with deep detail and a slight elegant seriousness to it and so drawing the pigs was quite refreshing. I let go of worrying whether people would like what I draw and actually just immersed myself in enjoying drawing.


Before I knew it I had about twenty guinea pig drawings and idea’s of turning them into fabric , a card line and much more. So this just goes to show when you stop worrying and trying to please other people and focus on yourself and what you love it all becomes easier to do.  1-wpid-wp-14259890146241

What do you guys think?

Kate x



Sly farts in yoga class #truestory

imageSo last month I started going to yoga classes because frankly my butt started to mold into my chair and hurt my back pretty badly ( not enough breaks = inky workaholic). After a quick googling I found a local yoga class not to far from my house and so off I went to my first sunday session.

 It’s really true though that when you work for yourself from home and particularly as a Creative , its super hard to peel ourselves away from work because we feel so bad when we’re not working.

You get into the habit of working too much because you want to be your best and everything we achieve relies on us.  In the end though we actually forget about the engine that runs everything ( that’s you by the way).



(Chubby yoga kitties)

Even though I’ve only been working freelance for about 18 months now , I’m already thinking of the future consequences of not looking after our health and how working at our inky desks are going to affect that. So my advice is do something small everyday to contribute to a better happier you.

  •  Go to yoga classes
  •  Take up that hula hooping ( just try not to break anything like me)
  •  Walk your dog
  • Put on a face mask ( thank goodness no one can see us behind the computer screen)
  • Paint your nails ( unless you’re a guy although you could look rather fetching in a shade of pink?)
  • Talk out your troubles
  • Meet up with a friend for brunch.

Although now the only thing that makes me slightly anxious during my graceful poses in class is the chances of letting out a fart on the sly (#truestory) since everyone’s so quiet! Hence if you’re going to start classes yourself I don’t recommend beans on toast for breakfast.

Have a wonderful day and please let me know what you do to stay at your best as a creative?

Kate x