Inky big hoot adventure part two…


Hello again its me the dust covered inky illustrator!

I know I’m sorry, I’m so bad lately with my little blog here as I’ve been up to lots of different projects and to do’s which to say the least has taken more time than I expected! Day’s rolled into a whole month and I’m back to share with you the final part of my big hoot story .  So where was I? Ah after day one in the studio I spent around 5 more days going to and from Birmingham to get my inky owl finished.


Lesson two however was when you’re going to do this kind of project bare in mind that it’s a lot of work and you’re not wonder woman, I put so much stress and pressure on myself which really didn’t go down to well health wise, so note to self give yourself a break next time. The paint also needed at least 3-4 coats in places to really cover the owl perfectly to avoid transparency or patchy paintwork ( I envied how easily people spraying a base on looked apart from the smelly fumes lol).


Before I knew it my brown inky owl was all done and ready to fly the nest for the Big hoot launch this July. We made our way to the Fort Dunlop building where the launch was held and I have to say guys despite the 2 hour drive it was fantastic. I had no idea what a big impact taking part in the big hoot project would have on me, not only as a illustrator but a person to. If you were to ask me if I would take on another project like this I would definitely say yes. image I challenged myself in so many ways and was able to prove that despite the self doubt we can feel no matter what you’re afraid of or unsure of possibly achieving you can if you just try. The outcome might always be a mystery but if its good then it will all have been worth it. The big brown inky owl is currently on display outside the Jewelery quarter building ( my very kind sponsors), so if you happen to be in the area be sure to take some time checking out all the wonderful owls!

Inky illustrator over and out! Katie x


Don’t be afraid to try new things #thoughtoftheday



Sometimes its scary to try new things when you pour your heart into something for so long. Art isn’t an easy path but if you know the road you’re following and are focused you can find people who connect with what you do and want a piece of your talent. For months and months I made artwork that I purely felt other people would like, so many of us fall into that hole of trying to fit the role of pleasing others however art is about self enjoyment to.

You have to make art you are excited to produce, excited to share and excited to make again and again. I recently realized where a part of my inky passion lies and wish I had discovered it months ago. This isn’t to say I don’t love producing elegant inky drawings but by combining my illustration with another passion its like double the fuel to keep going, because I’ve also found people who share that passion and admire my talents.

So my best advice would be that if something you are trying isn’t working, it doesn’t mean its a bad idea because sometimes great idea’s need tweaking and making even more fabulous than they were before. 

Katie xx

A trip to Derby and a Pete Mosley talk


Be Proud . Be yourself . Live the creative life . Take risks” – Pete Mosley

Last week I pottered on down to Derby to the Friargate studio to attend a certain ” business talk for quiet people” I was very excited to see by Creative writer and coach Pete Mosley. I’ve been an admirer of Pete’s creative work after coming across his blog way back when I started my pursuit of a creative career as an inky illustrator and writer.

Being a naturally shy and quiet person I’ve often always found it hard to promote my talents and put myself in front of people socially to share with them what I do. Many of you may no doubt feel this way to and at times rehearse what you do or say to be confident, which in turn means pretending to be someone else entirely to who we really are inside.

Through many of Pete’s blog posts and podcasts which you can find at the Craft & Design  website I’ve been inspired in my own creative work. Taking his creative advice and thinking about things differently, I challenged myself to be a little “cheeky” in some creative cases despite my shy exterior and its started to make positive change for me and my career.  What I learned though through Pete’s inspirational talk is it’s not all that complicated to promote yourself as a shy person,  you just have to find your own way of doing things.

We over think things to seem much more scarier and complex than they are. However once you get past that and find your own way of doing things you can go far even if you’re a quiet business person. I’d really recommend Pete’s talks if you ever get the chance to sit in and listen, his words are genuine down to earth and just what any shy person might need to get going. 

Kate x