Inky big hoot adventure part two…


Hello again its me the dust covered inky illustrator!

I know I’m sorry, I’m so bad lately with my little blog here as I’ve been up to lots of different projects and to do’s which to say the least has taken more time than I expected! Day’s rolled into a whole month and I’m back to share with you the final part of my big hoot story .  So where was I? Ah after day one in the studio I spent around 5 more days going to and from Birmingham to get my inky owl finished.


Lesson two however was when you’re going to do this kind of project bare in mind that it’s a lot of work and you’re not wonder woman, I put so much stress and pressure on myself which really didn’t go down to well health wise, so note to self give yourself a break next time. The paint also needed at least 3-4 coats in places to really cover the owl perfectly to avoid transparency or patchy paintwork ( I envied how easily people spraying a base on looked apart from the smelly fumes lol).


Before I knew it my brown inky owl was all done and ready to fly the nest for the Big hoot launch this July. We made our way to the Fort Dunlop building where the launch was held and I have to say guys despite the 2 hour drive it was fantastic. I had no idea what a big impact taking part in the big hoot project would have on me, not only as a illustrator but a person to. If you were to ask me if I would take on another project like this I would definitely say yes. image I challenged myself in so many ways and was able to prove that despite the self doubt we can feel no matter what you’re afraid of or unsure of possibly achieving you can if you just try. The outcome might always be a mystery but if its good then it will all have been worth it. The big brown inky owl is currently on display outside the Jewelery quarter building ( my very kind sponsors), so if you happen to be in the area be sure to take some time checking out all the wonderful owls!

Inky illustrator over and out! Katie x


Inky tips : Copic sketch & ciao markers


Hello everyone!

Its been a while again but today  I am so excited to share with you a new inky tips post all on the legendary “Copic markers” .  To all the marker lovers out there you will understand the calling of the copic marker, once you have one you want them all. So here I’m going to give you a sneak peek at what they’re all about to spread the love and you can see if they’re a marker you’d like to try to. 


Inky tip one : So Copic markers are a US produced marker, more recently they’ve become more widely available in the UK than they were a few years back so you can now source them much more easily . I got mine from a little etsy shop called ” September Playground” if you’re interested.  They come in 3 different marker forms:

Copic Sketch
Copic Ciao 
Copic Wide
Copic Original 

( Sadly  I don’t have the copic original and wide markers here, but google them and you’ll see what I mean! They come with very different nib styles where as the copic sketch and ciao are very much the same.)

1-New folder (4)

Inky tip two : These two types come in two nib styles, one is a chisel tip and the second is a very flexible brush tip ( very much like a watercolour tip). The tips do wear over time, however you’ll be happy to know you can purchase replacement nibs by simply popping them out and putting a new nib in its place.

1-New folder (4)1

Inky tip three :  These inky pens come in at least 300+ colours that I’m aware of and you’re able to blend them and create a gradient effect when you use them. They also work really well with archival ink pens ( be careful with pencil as the graphite in the pencil can move onto the marker and stain the nib). You might also need to invest in special marker paper ( such as Daler & rowney, letraset or copics own marker paper) because these pens can bleed on certain paper surfaces.

Price : I won’t lie Copics are a pricey art investment as the ciao and sketch markers can cost anything from £3.45 to £5.00+ . The main difference between the copic sketch and ciao aside from the price is , the ciao comes with less ink than the sketch meaning over time with use they will run out faster. However you can purchase copic refills for about £5.00 which let you revive your pens so be sure not to throw them away!

 Have you ever tried Copic markers? If so what did you think? 

Kate x

Inky tips : Sakura pigma micron

IMG_0514Hey everyone ,

I have finally got back round to making another inky tips post since its been way to long since my last one. So for those of you who don’t know what “inky tips” is , its my lil once a month blog series where I share a mix of inky things from illustrator related tips , my opinion on inky goods and advice on anything from pens to sketchbooks, paper, software, equipment and more.

So picking up with where I left off last time I’ve made quite afew inky purchases ( not ofcourse I’m not a pen addict pfft that’s silly you really couldn’t tell from my instagram). Today I thought I’d show the sakura pigma micron fine liner

Inky tip one  : The sakura pigma micron is the third liner I’ve tried in my inky doodles, what I really love about them  ( aside from the fact they come in many colours ) is the durable nib quality . I’m not sure whether I am just extremely inky but find that the nibs in my sakura liner lasts longer than previous ones I’ve tried , they also come in a variety of nib sizes from 0.05 to 0.08.

Inky tip two : Lastly they’re filled with archival ink meaning you can doodle your heart out and your illustrations won’t fade. I’ve also found they resist bleeding on a variety of paper types I’ve tried from cartridge paper to layout paper.

Price wise  :  When it comes to price I’d say they were quite a reasonable inky pen to buy starting at about £2.21 from most online stationary stores.



 If you’re as big a pen geek ( or addict ) as I am this is definitely a pen to try and inky additional to any vast pen collection.  Have you tried the sakura micron before and what did you think?

 Kate x