A wheekly cute little inky adventure…

Hello there my creative friends it’s been a while! I hope you’re all well and are as creative as ever. Today I wanted to share a wheekly exciting update and some inky advice with you aspiring creatives.


Update one: I’ve started a little inky project and blog called the Guineapig wheekly . It’s an illustrated small pet blog and a little side to this inky business I’m passionate about.  I blog 8 times a month about lots of different things from pet advice to tutorials and more.


My point I wanted to make with all of you is I found a way to combine two passions together and really connect with over 3000 people through it and my artwork.


I even created a little wheekly shop and product line of greetings cards,  notebooks,  decal stickers and a colouring book to boot. 


By doing this I realised where I felt a little lost before in my creative business and maybe you feel the same? I was trying to promote myself and my artwork, but I didn’t realise that sharing a love with others and joining that with your creative passion could really connect with so many people.

Also if somethings not working don’t be afraid to try something new.  Be brave my creative friends and if you have two passions why not put them together?

Katie x


Ever taken an artist retreat?



Sometimes abit of time away from the studio is good for any creative soul. We can get that wrapped up in tweeting, doodling, emailing and feeling that everything relies on us that we forget the most important thing in running this creative machine is in fact ourselves.



Taking a break can give your creative mind a much needed rest and your body the chance to find balance lost outside of your work routine ( which is great if you’re a workaholic like myself and find the definition of r.e.l.a.x a mystery). Although a “creative retreat” doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money because it can be anything you make it from :

  • A weekend away somewhere with plenty of green, fresh air with nothing but good company ( minusΒ an internet connection)
  • Taking time visiting family or friends who live a distance
  • Planning a day trip to your favourite gallery, exhibition, museum and more


The aim is to just really have some downtime for yourself no business or pressure just time to focus on the most important thing making everything work. Believe me it can do the world of good, I took a creative retreat last month myself and just getting away gave me a much needed rest from the stresses of everyday life. Β Doing so freed up space in my creative heart and mind to make more art and to carry on going.

The question I have is …. What’s your idea of the perfect creative retreat? (Let me know I’d love to hear! ).Β 

Kate x