Taking creative breaks can do you good!



Hi everyone!

So after a slightly long break from my illustration blog I decided to get back into the swing of things here, sorry to keep you all waiting although I have to say I’ve missed you all! So whilst we’re on the topic of taking a creative break they can actually do you the world of good.

We are in a world today where new content is published every second , however sometimes we feel our life just isn’t that exciting to share about. It’s ok to take a break from time to time and its ok to do something different to rebuild your creative stamina in what you did before.

I look forward to settling back into my writers chair here on this lovely little blog I started years ago. Thank you all for sticking around and tell me how you’ve all been and what you’ve been up to?

Katie x


A inky big hoot adventure …. part one


Hello everyone!

It’s certainly been a while sorry for the slight crickets on my blog , its been a crazy busy few weeks. As some of you may know in my previous blog post I was lucky in being chosen to take part in the Birmingham big hoot art project. If you aren’t from the UK or familiar with what the big hoot is, it’s a huge art project where artists, illustrators and designers are commissioned upon entry to create a 3D owl sculpture.

Once finished the owl will go on display in Birmingham July 2015 and once the owl exhibition is finished, they are then auctioned off to raise money for the Birmingham children’s hospital.  I was so over the moon upon receiving the email telling me I was one of the number of artist chosen. It didn’t feel real though until I walked in that room and saw my soon to be inky brown owl!


imageI’m going to do a few part’s to this blog post because the week at the big hoot studio’s was so eventful and had so many learning curves to it, I don’t want to cram all that into one post. Sadly the finished inky brown owl can’t be revealed until this July so hold on tight till then! However it was an amazing experience and something I’m truly grateful to have been a part of.

Overall I spent around six days at the big hoot studio, little did I expect the commute to take so much out of me though!  Each day started with an early 6:30 get up , arrive at the coach station by 8:00 and pop on the coach for what would sometime’s be a 2 hour journey to Digbeth coach station in Birmingham.  This little inky illustrator did a fair few steps that day for sure!

imageApart from getting lost on the first day I found my way to the big hoot studio. After meeting the other artists there I was finally introduced to my big brown inky owl to be and got started penciling away.

Lesson one on day one however was “Thing’s always take more time than we expect them to”  as it took me around 5 hours to pencil the whole design ( originally 2D) onto a 5 foot + fiberglass owl.  Although before I left for my coach back to Staffordshire I was able to give brown the owl some colour to his eyes which I have to say really brought him to life! I’ll write more about my inky brown owl adventure soon!

Katie x

A very inky dot to dot print shop review

Recently I came across a rather inky giclee specialist printers online called ” Dot to dot Printing” as I wanted to set up my own inky prints etsy shop. For those of you who don’t know a “Giclee” is a high quality art print specially printed with a wider colour cartridge range than normal office printers onto archival paper. It’s through giclee printing that you’ll acquire all the colours in your artwork that might come out dull on an everyday printer.

Hence finding a printers like dot to dot is fantastic for us creatives, especially if you wish to sell your work but not have to invest heavily in all the equipment. So if you’re looking to open your own print shop to and maybe pondering whether to “diy” or find someone to help you make beautiful prints, here’s my inky penny’s worth on dot to dot and my experience getting inky with them!

Dot to Dot printing On demand Giclee printer  Essex UK - Google Chrome 01042015 123143.bmp


Based in the UK “Dot to Dot printing” specialises in making high quality artist giclee prints on demand. I instantly thought that having the ability to print on demand the quantity of prints I needed for my shop was a great option, as many printers can often ask for prints to be bought in bulk quantities when you order.   David who runs dot to dot and handles all the intricate inky side of things after passing a few emails back and forth, was really considerate and helpful in answering all my queries and sending out a free sample pack.



In the sample pack were a collection of seven a6 size mini prints, each paper varied in gsm (weight) and some even had a little grain to the surface similar to cold press and hot press papers. I could instantly tell the difference in colour and print quality  and was eager to see what a print of my art would look like professionally done.


(A little glare on the picture because of the cellophane pocket)

A few days later I’d ordered a proof of my inky woodland cuckoo from David and was over the moon with how it turned out.

  • Bright vibrant colours that matched my original artwork perfectly!
  • All my inky intricate details were retained in the print
  • Lovely quality and weight of paper
  • Really quick turn over and delivery 
  • Reasonable print pricing and quality customer service

As an inky illustrator I couldn’t be more happy with  having found an inky printers to help bring my work to life and through my little shop. Doing everything yourself sometimes can take up more time and committment, so finding someone who as passionate about making beautiful quality prints as I am illustrations is a great thing to find.  So if you’re looking to source your own limited edition prints I’d definitely recommend taking a peek at the dot to dot printing website and seeing what quality giclee prints you can make to!

 Kate x