Cheeky pigs , inky doodles and new ideas



The past few weeks have been so busy and strangely enough alongside sorting out my shop ( still working on listings and stock but it will be up this march!) I discovered a new inky part of myself. As you may be aware from my cuteness filled instagram feed as of late I’ve been rather preoccupied with my little piggies aswell as sitting in awe watching  Laura at piggiepigpigs videos on YouTube.


Filled with inky piggie inspiration I grabbed my pens and just in a care free way started to scribble my pigs. Usually my drawing style is so intricate with deep detail and a slight elegant seriousness to it and so drawing the pigs was quite refreshing. I let go of worrying whether people would like what I draw and actually just immersed myself in enjoying drawing.


Before I knew it I had about twenty guinea pig drawings and idea’s of turning them into fabric , a card line and much more. So this just goes to show when you stop worrying and trying to please other people and focus on yourself and what you love it all becomes easier to do.  1-wpid-wp-14259890146241

What do you guys think?

Kate x




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