Sly farts in yoga class #truestory

imageSo last month I started going to yoga classes because frankly my butt started to mold into my chair and hurt my back pretty badly ( not enough breaks = inky workaholic). After a quick googling I found a local yoga class not to far from my house and so off I went to my first sunday session.

 It’s really true though that when you work for yourself from home and particularly as a Creative , its super hard to peel ourselves away from work because we feel so bad when we’re not working.

You get into the habit of working too much because you want to be your best and everything we achieve relies on us.  In the end though we actually forget about the engine that runs everything ( that’s you by the way).



(Chubby yoga kitties)

Even though I’ve only been working freelance for about 18 months now , I’m already thinking of the future consequences of not looking after our health and how working at our inky desks are going to affect that. So my advice is do something small everyday to contribute to a better happier you.

  •  Go to yoga classes
  •  Take up that hula hooping ( just try not to break anything like me)
  •  Walk your dog
  • Put on a face mask ( thank goodness no one can see us behind the computer screen)
  • Paint your nails ( unless you’re a guy although you could look rather fetching in a shade of pink?)
  • Talk out your troubles
  • Meet up with a friend for brunch.

Although now the only thing that makes me slightly anxious during my graceful poses in class is the chances of letting out a fart on the sly (#truestory) since everyone’s so quiet! Hence if you’re going to start classes yourself I don’t recommend beans on toast for breakfast.

Have a wonderful day and please let me know what you do to stay at your best as a creative?

Kate x


7 thoughts on “Sly farts in yoga class #truestory

    1. Hey amanda! Yoga is super good I feel alot less stressed and anxious when I come away from my weekend session because it really helps me to slow down and listen to my body and calm the mind. I bought my hoop over a year ago and was really into it then stopped ( no idea why!). I tend to hoop and watch a tv program or listen to music to help the time pass by hehe :). Hope you’re well my creative friend and having a lovely week! Katie x

  1. Hi Kate,
    That’s amazing to hear you have been doing so well freelancing for 18 months. I
    totally agree with you that it’s hard to peel ourselves away from work especially with deadlines looming! But your health matters.

    I did try Yoga out in the comfort of my home. No sly farts! And falling down when doing the poses. I went to a Holistic Class with my husband. It’s like yoga, Tai Chi and pilates and meditation in 1hour class.I really enjoyed it. I should do more fitness classes and socialise a bit more.

    Well done! Good on you for looking after yourself and your body. xx

    1. Hey June! I was just reading your post on the exhibition review, thanks so much for popping over. Its so cool you do yoga to and the class you went to sounds really interesting you should definitely give it a try more will do the world of good 🙂 breaking away from work. Hope you’re doing well and having a great creative week by the way! Katie x

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