You should put yourself out there … #Thoughtoftheday


“Nobody will know what you can do unless you put yourself out there and show them” – Katie Leonard 

A few months back you may have noticed a very beautiful bouquet made its way to my door, I happened to order that very bouquet to brighten up a very inky studio on a rather gloomy day. Little did I expect though to find so much inspiration in that little Bloom & Wild box and so from it started a rather inky project.

bloom & wild project

My love and admiration of the bouquet and Bloom & Wild’s story really drew me into my own inky floral story that I scribbled across the boxes surface.  In the beginning though I thought to myself “Should I do this?” and “What if its unsuccessful”. It’s natural to feel that way, we all do it on a daily basis when we’re approached with the prospect of stepping outside our box.


Although if you think like that all your life you’ll never really know the full potential you could achieve , the people you could meet and the places you could go.  This was mainly my thought of the day  because let’s face it we’re all scared to do something we’ve never done before.


So believe in yourself, what you can do and put yourself out there. Even if you’re scared of failing and even if you do , it’ll only make you a stronger person and give you an all the more worthwhile story to tell.

Kate x





5 thoughts on “You should put yourself out there … #Thoughtoftheday

    1. Aww thank you I’m really chuffed you enjoyed the post and found some inspiration from it :D. I really do believe that everyone has the potential to do something great, alot of times though self-doubt stops us. Just gotta believe in yourself and yep put yourself out there x katie

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