It’s all to much hard work … #thoughtoftheday


Sometimes living a creative life can be pretty tough. Balancing out your miscellaneous daily doings, day job’s, the late nights and pursuing your aspiration for creative success can be tiring!

Sometimes I sit here and have to remind myself how much I want to achieve and be the best I can be, even though there are days when it’s all seeming too much work.

However you’ve got to remeber as easy as it may seem success and achievements don’t come over night, like opportunities don’t fall onto your doorstep. You’ve got to be creatively brave , think outside the box you’re in and aspire to do great thingsΒ putting yourself out thereΒ whilst not giving into the hard work.

If you look around there are quite a few genuine creative people to admire for their down to earth honest advice about following a creative career, aswell as admiring them for their achievements. Β I believe you can do anything if you believe in yourself, put pen to paper and don’t give in because it all at first seems to much hard work.

Kate x


5 thoughts on “It’s all to much hard work … #thoughtoftheday

    1. Hey Bernadette, Thanks so much for popping over and its lovely to connect with a fellow mats groupie to. Thank you so much for your really lovely words and support, I believe we all can go far if we believe in ourselves :). Can’t wait to see where the inky journey leads. How are you anyway? I’ve just taken a peek at your blog and followed ofcourse , I especially love your receipes section as I love to cook. Katie x

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