Inky Studio tour: Where the inky happens

For me there’s nothing more intriguing exciting than to take a sneak peek at the studio space of a creative mind. Seeing Β where these imaginative ideas come to life really amazes me because each studio space is so personal.

Picasa 3 02012015 174807.bmp

From Johanna Basford’s studio to designer Elizabeth Olwen’s it’s the spaces that help grow their work that amazes me. So here’s a little sneak peek into mine where you can see just where the inky magic happens and the tools I use.




1 : My endless collection of inky pens in shabby chic pots ( my favourite fine liners have to be Staedtler pigment liners I did a pen review on them which you can check out here )

2. A vintage vase of hydrangea’s which sit alongside a few business books of mine ( I definitely recommend Creative Inc by Meg M Ilasco & Joy D Cho )

3. The phone I use to do all my daily planning, tweeting and instagraming is the Sony Z1 compact.

4. Next is my old faithful window 7 HP all in one desktop, I’ve not exactly been an apple mac fan nor have I had the pennies to invest in one. However I’ve found that my trusty old windows does me good kited out with all the different design software I need to get an inky job or article done.


5. My desk lamp is just a basic lloytron lamp which I use when I’m both drawing and making videos.

6. I always have a collection of paper on my desk so that when in spur of the moment I have an illustration idea I can jot it down. The paper types I often use in my work are Seawhite Layout paper and Fabriano 200gsm paper for both general doodling, inking and printing.

7. Last but not least is my trusty pin board! Β It’s about A1 in size and I mostly use it to pin-up my current projects, illustrations I’m yet to finish as well as visual inspiration and fabric swatches I’ve had printed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a little sneak peek into my studio and if there’s anything else you’d like to see just pop over a comment.

I’d love to see your creative space so be sure to share them and inspire others with what you do!

Kate x


4 thoughts on “Inky Studio tour: Where the inky happens

  1. I love watching studio tours on You Tube and reading blog posts with studio tours! So thank you for the peek at your creative space. I’ll try to post some pictures of my studio corner later this week.

    1. Aww thank you andromedia ! I have to say I’m not a lover of clutter and mess so try and keep my creative space tidy and clear ( though thats not to say there isn’t abit of creative chaos now and then :)) . kate x

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