Can you guess what a creative and sea glass have in common?

We creatives all start out on our adventures at different times and we develop at different paces. AlthoughΒ there are points when we feel frustrated as if we just aren’t progressing as much as we want to. I used to feel the same when I started out my creative venture through university and starting out as an illustrator.


Feeling as though my art was never to the level I pictured it and compared myself to others in my field. However it wasn’t till I took a trip to the coast and stumbled across some sea glass that I changed my mindset and maybe you can to by reading this.

Picture every creative out there from many creative practices as a piece of sea glass. They jumped into the sea at the beginning of their venture and were swept through a mixture of tides , some calm and some clashing. Some pieces of sea glass that give up against the tide are then found washed up on shore with edges still rough, imperfect and uncut.
Pieces of sea glass that worked against the tide and smoothed their edges against the sand and grain, became more refined as time in the sea went by. Each of these pieces of sea glass are beautiful and unique in their own way, but how refined they would be depended upon how long they swept against the sea”.


That’s kind of how we are as creatives, the longer you stick at something the better and more refined you become at it.

What kind of sea glass do you want to become?

Kate x


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