What do you tell the creative kids of today ?

Last week I was watching my weekly dose of Shoo rayner’s youtube videos and noticed he’d made a video called ” What do I tell the kids”. You can watch the clip above if you’re more intruiged as to what shoo said. In a nut shell he wanted to know what advice viewers had for him to tell upcoming young creatives in education who’d like to pursue a creative career.

Here’s what I had to say :

I think its extremely hard to fill young people with enthusiasm about a creative career, but to also keep them down to earth about expectations of this career . For exampleΒ ” I’m gonna go and be a best …. ever!” vs ” I want to do this I’m passionate but I know I need to put in the work”.

The fact education is slowly filtering out many aspects of creativity its so hard to educate upcoming talent. If like a seed they’re not being watered by the right people. I agree with you shoo in the fact of going to study a business degree etc as thats what I did.

After studying 2 years illustration practical Β and 1 year BA in business, even then I needed to keep educating myself in new marketing methods whilst also honing my creative practice. I believe in your words though shoo, if you want it enough you’ll get there if you put in the work and make the right moves.

I think today in the creative industry you “need” to stand out like a sore thumb and be different to grab peoples attention. So in a sense be a creative version of miley swinging on a wrecking ball or lady gaga in a meat dress but not quite to that extent.

Its going that extra mile to create unique work, find the clients you want to work and collaborate with and get their attention in a different way.Β Though all in all I think you just have to really want it and stay determined in the long run. Though at the same time Shoo by time most kids and even people my age have finished university they need financial independance. This is something a freelance illustration career won’t give you right away ( unless you’re very lucky).

So even in that sense you’ve gotta spread yourself between doing something you don’t want to inorder to do what you do want to. This is what I’m doing right now, I’ve had some bumps in the road but I think with the right guidances those kids who are determined to stick at it can make it .


What do you guy’s think about upcoming talent pursuing a creative career today?

What words of wisdom would you give your 16 year old self now before starting out on that creative journey?


Kate x


2 thoughts on “What do you tell the creative kids of today ?

  1. Thanks Kate,

    I’m sure there will always be room for real talent to grow into. Unfortunately, practical skills have been downgraded in the academising of just about everything. Higher education seems to be all about making it easy and profitable for the institution and not about education the student and teaching them the skills they will actually need rather than filling them with facts that can be checked by the accountants who set the exams and give out the marks these days.

    1. I do agree with you there shoo, I left higher education having not been taught by a working illustrator at all or someone who had atleast lived the part. When I graduated I had alot more learning to do and to be fair I learned more from working illustrators and creatives such as yourself and many others than I ever did in university. So now I contemplate what all that money I collected a loan for went to ( fortunately I had the lower end of course fees but still its beside the point).

      Still its wrong, I was told if you went to a more prestigous university such as those in london the quality of education was far better. I believe what you say though 100% there’s still room for real talent to grow into the creative industry. It’s just harder than it probably was afew years ago. kate x

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