An inky artist around the world bloghop

downloadLast week the very talented illustrator Lucy Banaji from London popped over a little inky message asking me if I’d love to be a part of the  “Artists around the world”  global blog hop. Filled with excitement I couldn’t say no as I love to blog and being a part of such a fun creative blog hop is something I’ve always wanted to do.


If you don’t know Lucy produces beautiful surface pattern illustrations taking a lot of her inspiration for her projects from the great outdoors. They’re filled small intricacies and neat fine little details which I really admire about her work.

Untitled-1 @ 33.3% (Layer 1, RGB8)  07122014 170415.bmp

 What are you working on?

Right now I’m working on sprucing up some portfolio pieces for my new website update , a few secret inky projects aswell as making some inky prints for the new year :).  I’m also working on a submission for “The big hoot”event in Birmingham, which is an amazingly inky project with the opportunity to illustrate a unique owl piece to embellish places in the city how cool is that? So lots to do and plans for the new year!

Picasa 3 28112014 133817.bmp

Why do you create?

This should be an easy question but to be honest I’m lost for words, I guess I’d be lost if I didn’t draw.  It’s a way for me to express ideas and feelings much like a musician does when they compose a piece of music and the fact people find enjoyment in it to make it even more worth while.

It helps me get the ideas in my head onto paper, as I remember as a kid my imagination has always been big . However I couldn’t understand why others couldn’t see what I was imagining and so the best way to do that I found was to draw it. So I feel this is another reason why I create to make more space for new ideas.


How does your creative process work?

All my creative projects tend to start with spontaneous excitement at a random creative idea I have buried in my head sparked by inspiration.

I start off creating little sketches and motifs in pencil until I grasp the idea as to how I’d like my illustration to look. Then I re-ink my penciled finished composition onto layout paper and create watercolour pieces to add that dab of colour.  Then once scanned into photoshop I assemble everything but never do I overly digitize my artwork. I believe in staying traditional and that how I plan to stay :).

1-kleonardsinglebird..tif - Picasa Photo Viewer 09122014 201143

How does your work differ from others in your genre?

This is such a head scratching question because not often do I ask myself this. Since all of my work is generated from up in my brain and travels down my fingers through the very fine nib of a pen its naturally unique to me. What I think sets me slightly apart from many other very talented creative people is my extremely keen attention to finer inky details and creating pieces that people can get lost in with wonder.

Though might I add I am quite the perfectionist. I love how with my work I can satisfy my perfectionist urges with my inky drawings and yet then be spontaneous and free-flowing when it comes to adding colour.

 I now tag two very creative chums of mine to have fun taking part in this blog hop to and they are …wpid-kimberley_wilson_gts14a1_younique

 Kim from Mellow Ground

(Kim makes a mix of beauitful things but this piece in particular is one of my favourites! I love her use of colour in this piece but check out her blog to see more of what she’s up to!)


and Linda Tieu

(Linda’s artwork has always stayed in my mind especially these creatively motivational illustrations she made which you can find even more of on her website. This one in particular is my favourite and I will take her wise words of advice 😉 )

 That’s all for this little blog hop I think 🙂 thanks again to lucy for letting me be a part of it and I look forward to seeing kim’s and linda’s posts soon!

Kate x


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