What’s in this very beautiful blossom filled package ….?


A very inky inspirational blossom filled package came through my letter box the other day. What’s in the box? I hear you say… well, scroll down, and we’ll take a peek together.

bloom & wild project

What was inside, brought colour to not only the room, but a smile to my face, as well. I’d not heard of Bloom and Wild before. Until I happened to be flipping over Instagram, only to see Jenny Hyde’s picture of her own bouquet. To say the least, I was more than intrigued.


I fell in love with the beautiful floral bouquets they had to offer. SInce a young age, I’ve had a love for botanicals and even began studying floristry for a little while.  Every now and then a girl deserves a bunch of flowers right?


What could be more chic than a beautiful bouquet in my favourite portmerion jug? (to heck using the jug for juice, flowers are the way to go)  I have to say they make an inspirational sweet smelling addition to my little inky desk. The quality of the bouquet is beautiful and I was even more impressed by how carefully Bloom & Wild packaged everything to prevent any damage.  Making them a pretty perfect present for any mum out there.



How do I intend to admire my bouquet?

Well, I intend to do more than gaze at it with a smile. This story is yet to be continued…

As you can see, even my little inky pens are getting all floral…and are ready for some doodling inky business!

Kate x


7 thoughts on “What’s in this very beautiful blossom filled package ….?

    1. Yep they’re staedtler 🙂 I’ve tried copic in the past though and have quite afew of their markers they’re not bad but I find the ink flows better in the staedtler pens :). A girl can never have to many pens right 😉 x

  1. Beautiful flowers! I love the packaging and illustrated sheet describing the flowers. I buy a fresh bouquet of flowers for my office every week. They provide wonderful color, especially on cloudy days, and great inspiration for drawing and color palettes! Love seeing your drawings in the works.

    1. Hey Terri thanks so much for popping over those little sheets are my studies of the bouquet 🙂 which I’m really happy with and theres nothing better than a fresh bouquet at your desk is there? 🙂 I saw your floral palette post hehe they’re lovely x I noticed you did bootcamp ! me to 🙂 did you enter this year or for the upcoming bootcamp? x kate

      1. Oh goodness, then Your studies of the biuquet are really lovely! I’m hoping to do something like that with my weekly bouquets too. I took MATS Part A this past Fall and next I’m taking Bootcamp in January and MATS Part B in February 2015.

      2. Aww thank you ! So you’re doing bootcamp this january ? I think you’ll enjoy it then if you’ve done Mats part A , I completed this years bootcamp and it was full of fun project to do x Can’t wait to see more of your posts Terri x kate

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