What’s a sketchbook good for?



  1. Doodling
  2. Making notes
  3. Documenting a memory or thought
  4. Writing a lyric, poem or story
  5. Your daily to do list
  6. Collaging
  7. Sticking things in
  8. Painting on
  9. Printmaking on
  10. Scrapbooking photographs

All you need is one sketchbook, one creative imagination and one creative wielding weapon of choice.Β What do you use your sketchbook for ? πŸ™‚

Kate x


8 thoughts on “What’s a sketchbook good for?

  1. I love my sketchbook, would not leave home without it, I draw every day, sometimes just doodles, other time observational stuff and always lots of plants.😊
    My favourite thing is my Lamy fine nib fountain pen ❀️

    1. amanda you’ve made me want to get myself a bigger bag to just carry a sketchbook around with me πŸ™‚ ( though my prefer size skethchbook is a3 so that maybe akward haha). I pop over to your instagram and admire how many lovely doodles you come up with, it amazes me as I tend to overthink and not let even my creative thought flow at times ( inner perfectionist there haha) do you have any tips for me? I’ll take a look at the lamy fine nib! I think you mentioned it before so maybe it’ll be on my christmas list this year :). kate x

      1. The best thing is not to be precious and use it as a place to experiment and you don’t need to show anyone, just go with the flow. I use pen a lot as you can’t rub it out. The more you use it the easier it gets until it becomes something you just do, I have over 20 years worth of them.. But I would say it’s in the last few years I use them daily. I am so glad I do as some of my best stuff is buried away in them, now learning to translate them on the computer.
        Why not try and set yourself a little challenge of drawing in your sketchbook everyday. 😊

      2. That’s so cool amanda and it sounds so simple now you say it. I just actually started a doodling challenge with my friend we come up with a theme each day in turns to do a page of doodles in pen ( like you said haha) so there’s no rubbing out πŸ™‚ x I’m gonna keep it going and then i’ll have plenty of inky doodles to share and hopefully use in my work to πŸ™‚ x

  2. My idea of a creative escape is with my friend and fellow textiler Maria Thomas, drinking tea and sewing for no particular reason. Not a project, not work just sewing for sewing’s sake! This may surprise many as they know me for my painterly illustrative designs, but that’s it a creative break should be just that, in order to replenish.

    1. I agree with you sara , getting away from the studio to meet a fellow creative friends sounds like the perfect escape to refresh your creative thought :). It can get quite isolating being freelance and then there’s the con of no secret santa at christmas haha so meeting up with friends to break out of that creative zone of space is good. I’d love to see your stitch work sometime πŸ™‚ I used to do some freehand stitch illustration myself once . Kate x

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