If you go down to the woods today … an inky rendition

It’s autumn and I can tell not just by the fact I wear at least 3 layers of clothing before I venture outside (I’m a wimp to the cold) but also because the leaves are falling and everything outside is changing.

 My creative friend Kim made an autumn post exploring and admiring all the seasons woodland findings whilst on her travels ( take a peek here). So taking a bit of inspiration from Kim’spost I thought I’d share with you what autumn goodie I came across after taking a closer look.


(Moldy but still kinda cute)


(I remember doing bark rubbings with crayon on paper as a kid do you? 🙂 )


(As bright and colourful as these are I think they’re more the birdies taste than mine)


( Not much to say other than it’s a pine cone )


(It always fascinates me how birds make bedding out of this,  kind of like a bird duvet if you think about it 🙂 )


( I’m not exactly sure what these are do you know?)


These are just a few of the things I found ,  but what about you what autumn findings have you come across yet ? 🙂

Kate x


3 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today … an inky rendition

  1. Hello my inky friend! So glad you found some inspiration from my post and time to explore, you’ve taken some fabulous pics!
    Those mushrooms and cones would look fabulous in one of your inky drawings and there’s so many great textures in there 🙂
    The yellow and white flower you’re unsure of is part of the Lonicera family, or more recognisable under its common name of honeysuckle. What a great post, thanks for sharing and the nod. 🙂

    1. Hello my creative eco friend I did very much find alot of inspiration from your little post :). I really enjoyed seeing all you see and discovered through your photographs , its amazing whats under your nose that we don’t notice as the seasons go by.

      I plan on using alot of my autumn discoverys in my inky doodles not to worry 🙂 and thank you for letting me know the name of the flower it would have bugged me not knowing hehe. Look forward to seeing more mellow ground posts soon kim 🙂 x from your inky friend kate

  2. Reblogged this on Mellow Ground and commented:
    Reblog; Fellow creative and inky illustrator Kate Leonard shares some fabulous and textural photos she took whilst out exploring on an Autumnal spree.
    Inspiration for creating art from nature is a great and never ending source, especially with the changing seasons.
    I love Spring and Summer for all the great big blousey flowers but as you’ll read here it’s the architectural shapes and textures I love in Autumn and Winter.
    Looking forward to seeing what Kate creates from her photos, how are you getting in with your explorations for inspiration?

    ♡MG x

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