More inky studio sneak peeks…

Fullscreen capture 22102014 134549.bmp

Just a small work in progress sneak peek continuation from my last post ( which you can find here) there’s lots going on both in and out of the studio lately, I’m still working on updating my website and portfolio whilst juggling  yoga,writing and decorating. Usually colour is a big challenge for me although after going back to my creative roots looking through my degree folio, I realise I actually had a flair for watercolours and putting them together with my inky doodles created this so far 🙂 not to shabby huh?  What’s on your creative agenda today?

Kate x


2 thoughts on “More inky studio sneak peeks…

    1. Hey petra thanks for popping over 🙂 yes you’re right I tried for a little while to try colour digitally but it just took to much time and I was never happy with the results so went back to my traditional watercolour roots. The websites coming along slowly but surely I’m working hard on it! Hope you’re well x kate

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