Inky tips : Sakura pigma micron

IMG_0514Hey everyone ,

I have finally got back round to making another inky tips post since its been way to long since my last one. So for those of you who don’t know what “inky tips” is , its my lil once a month blog series where I share a mix of inky things from illustrator related tips , my opinion on inky goods and advice on anything from pens to sketchbooks, paper, software, equipment and more.

So picking up with where I left off last time I’ve made quite afew inky purchases ( not ofcourse I’m not a pen addict pfft that’s silly you really couldn’t tell from my instagram). Today I thought I’d show the sakura pigma micron fine liner

Inky tip one  : The sakura pigma micron is the third liner I’ve tried in my inky doodles, what I really love about them  ( aside from the fact they come in many colours ) is the durable nib quality . I’m not sure whether I am just extremely inky but find that the nibs in my sakura liner lasts longer than previous ones I’ve tried , they also come in a variety of nib sizes from 0.05 to 0.08.

Inky tip two : Lastly they’re filled with archival ink meaning you can doodle your heart out and your illustrations won’t fade. I’ve also found they resist bleeding on a variety of paper types I’ve tried from cartridge paper to layout paper.

Price wise  :  When it comes to price I’d say they were quite a reasonable inky pen to buy starting at about £2.21 from most online stationary stores.



 If you’re as big a pen geek ( or addict ) as I am this is definitely a pen to try and inky additional to any vast pen collection.  Have you tried the sakura micron before and what did you think?

 Kate x


5 thoughts on “Inky tips : Sakura pigma micron

  1. Do you think the Sakura micron ink is blacker or more intense than in Staedtler liners or is it just my imagination? (Or dodgy old eyes!). Thanks for the great blog & love your flower illustration x

    1. I actually think the staedtler liners ink and the sakura microns ink intensity is sort of the same. The thing I love about these is the vast array of colour they come in, where as sadly staedtler liners don’t come in brown etc which I love. So its not your dodgy old eyes eleanor haha which pen is currently your favourite? There’s more I’d love to try. Kate x

      1. Thanks Kate! I love both the Sakuras (like you, for their colours) and the staedlters but when I go out sketching I always take my Faber Castell brush pens (they come in a fantastic range of colours) because they are bold & painterly & stop me fiddling about!😄

      2. Awww I haven’t tried faber castell in years, remember during my art college days they were a pen set I tried but the only thing I found at the time was the fibre brush pen frayed easily. Do you find that problem? Maybe I’ll give them a try again 🙂 as I tend to fiddle about aswell hehe which takes me more time in the end! x kate

  2. Thank you again for your ‘inky’ try outs. I must invest in a Sakura. I invested into soooo many uni pins that I feel guilty about buying something else as I have so many uni to use still but I shall force myself ( ha ha) to go buy a Sakura. I will just say Kate told me to 😇

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