A very special inky gift …

A few weeks back I received a very special inky gift from a very dear friend in the mail ( I’ve finally gotten round to blogging about it and am still equally as excited!). At first I pondered “did I order something I’d forgotten about?” however upon peeling back the seal saw a particularly inky black and white doodle that I couldn’t have not recognised.


In that parcel wrapped with inky packaging was another little box wrapped up in a satin black ribbon, no doubt by now you have a little idea as to what may have been in the box.


An inky collaborative bracelet made by Jane Gowan and Johanna Basford ( my favourite illustrator 😀 ).


I think the only way to describe it is like way back when girls would que up for a signature from their favourite west life band member ( not exactly my cup of tea personally but closest comparison I could think of) only for me this is a fan girl moment in an inky illustratory sparkly way.

The bracelet is beautiful and  never did I think I would be lucky enough to own one but I know I will treasure it always :D.  If you haven’t had a sneak peek at Johanna’s collaboration with Jane you can find out more here and see their inky project unfold 

Kate x


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