5 ways to creatively pamper yourself


Being aspiring creatives  we work hard everyday to put time and effort into what we love to do creatively , although after a long day at the art desk we can feel worn out as the old creative battery runs low.  Now I know it may sound silly ( mostly to the creative gentlemen out there my apologies in advance) but creatively pampering yourself is very much a “must have” I think when you spend a long day doodling , typing, tweeting, blogging, marketing and more.

I’ll admit I’m probably the worst person for taking time to relax because when you’re the boss in the business and a creatively minded person, many of you may agree with me that we’ve got that many idea’s for projects in our head’s its hard to clock off like a regular 9 to 5.

So I thought I’d share with you a few things you can do to give yourself a much deserved creative pamper when you need it.

1.  Treat yourself  

Why not ? You’ve worked really hard putting the hours into your portfolio , blog and more  so splashing out on something to creatively treat yourself couldn’t hurt. This could be anything from sketchbooks to pens, paints or a cup of tea, pixar film and a box of chocolates or maybe that’s just me. 

2.  Look after your hands 

Our hands as creatives go through some tough stuff ( gentlemen this may not be your cup of tea but still a point to consider) so things like massages, applying hand lotion are well deserved I’d say after many hours of painting,inking or editing.

3. Relax after a job well done

 Give yourself a break if you can after completing a big project or if business is a little quiet use this time to rest and recoup. By doing so you’ll restore creative energy spent making you ready and raring for the next commission project that comes along.

4. Artist retreat

Who doesn’t need a holiday now and again ? Or just a break away from the studio can do wonders whether it’s a walk through the park, across the beach a change of scenery can do you good.

5. Be good to yourself 

Being good to your body is really important and wanting to stay at my best I’m often sure that I eat and drink the right things aswell as get my weekly workout of pilates and yoga to help stretch and relax.


Kate x

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