How to start your day positively and keep in sight what you love


It’s really easy to start your day feeling poop. Especially after a stressful week at the day job, or just generally, when you’re having a string of bad luck. Little things like this can really dampen your day, as well as, your positivity.

When we feel this way, its easy to lose sight of the things you love making them seem harder to achieve, because you are trying your hardest to become somebody. (even though you already are somebody) Or, I guess what I meant to say was , you want to be something great because inside you know you can be.

I mentioned to a friend last week how motivated I’d felt after speaking to them.  They instilled in me a renewed positivity and confidence after a bad day making me feel like if I jumped from a level 5 inky illustrator to a level bajillion invincible inky mage. After saying that to them they simply said ” You just got up on the right side of the bed” (which is funny because my beds pushed up against a wall). 


Thinking back, maybe that’s true. Who knows? I was so overwhelmed by a crumby week that I’d lost sight of what I’d loved doing because the negativity dampened my passion. If you’re feeling the same you maybe wondering Is there a cure?

Well, one thing that I did was make a “Positivity list” of all the things you love ( you can see mine here as an example ). Making little inky notes like this helps you to not lose sight of the everything you love when things seem bad.  Keep this pinned to your studio wall where you can see it so that you can remind yourself daily in your work ( whether painter or illustrator ) why you’re doing what you are and the essence of why you started because that way people can still see your passion even after a bad day.

Kate x

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