The story of a paperchase notebook that turned into a …


One day an enthusiastic inky illustrator pottered into a certain stationary store whilst venturing on a weekend retreat to Leamington spa.  It was after pottering out of such a store with a small purchase that sparked a bit of creative thought for a rather inky project.

IMG_20140811_155450It all started with the blank cover of a Kraft paper chase notebook , sure on the outside it might seem a little plain  with nothing going for it but really if you look deeply you’ll find that this blank little book’s got endless potential.


Home with me this little notebook came and using a bit of “imagination”  and a pen in hand one can create something that can’t be bought off the shelf ( though who knows it could be a shelf filler one day).


Not thinking too much into what is drawn the aim was to be brave and daring to draw straight from such an imagination onto a little blank page without the guidance of a pencil that we often fall to for safety ( who likes to make mistakes!). I dared to use that very imagination because that’s what it’s there for, its unique , one of a kind and bespoke to the illustrator the holder of the pen.


What becomes of such a little notebook you say ? Well it all depends on where the nib of a pen takes me ,  it could have turned into an inky woodlands in which we become lost in wonder or immersed within the depths of a floral garden where its inhabitants flutter and float around really who knows.


Just maybe I’ll begin making more of these inky cover notebooks what do you guys think? If you had a blank sketchbook what would you doodle on the cover? 

Kate x

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10 thoughts on “The story of a paperchase notebook that turned into a …

    1. Hey sara awww so your based in leamington spa ? 🙂 I’ll be making more trips there in the future as I have a special someone who lives there so will be making more trips to leamington and the paperchase store for sure :). Hope your well? kate x

    1. really admire your choice in words I never really thought of it that way 🙂 but now I think about it your right. I’m really loving illustrating a mixture of woodland and natures beautiful things so maybe when I go back to leamington spa I’ll pick up a few more of these notebooks and make some more . Thank you for popping along always nice to hear from you kate x

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