My #makeartthatsells bootcamp experience

Hey everyone,

So sadly my “make art that sell’s boot camp” experience has come to an end , time has completely flown by since my eager excitement at the start of the course back in February 2014 this year. Before more months fly by since my time on mats I thought I’d reminisce and blog a little bit about the whole  MATS bootcamp experience to share with you all , whether your intrigued or want to pursue it yourselves in the future.

Bare in mind though this is what I’ve learned and how I’ve developed and felt on the course along the way, everyone’s experience and development will be different but no doubt a positive one :).

1-MATS 1

What I set out to do in the beginning?

In the beginning of the make art that sells boot camp we were simply asked to think of three things we wanted to achieve through the course.  My personal aspirations were to;

  • Build my portfolio
  • Better my understanding and skills
  • Meet new people

What I’ve learned? 

  1. Share your talent – Before I took mats I realise now I was extremely shy about sharing my art with others , in real life I’m quite shy but mats has taught me to share what I do from the smallest of doodles to the most detailed pieces whether good or bad.
  2. Don’t think of the end product – I’m not the only guilty one of this but thinking of your end product before you’ve even drawn anything cramps the creative process and in turn causes procrastination. So what’s the cure? Have fun with your art, draw motifs and doodle as much as you want and slowly but surely your developed compositions begin to form.
  3. Talk to others – I realised talking about my problems in terms of creative stuff, whether formatting problems, photoshop, scanning or simply just tips with a composition helped a lot. Understand yes you need to know these things yourself and work independently but it’s ok to ask a creative friend for help to.


1-MATS 2

What has been my favourite project during mats ? 

I have to say that without a doubt ” the cuckoo bird project” which was our very first boot camp project has to be my most favourite of all the briefs ( even though due to a bit of water and paddling about in my studio I was unable to finish the last two dangnit 😦 ). Though despite I’ve learned that the woodlands and its occupants that dwell within it , along with a few flower’s dotted here and there are really where my inky skills are at their best. Even though it was cool to challenge myself and experiment differently with themes , colours and briefs I feel that I’ve found my niche.

1-mats 3

What  will I take from my boot camp experience ?

A bunch of new creative friends who share the same passions and love for a creative life as I do, being an illustrator can be really isolating work and though you can become absorbed in your own space nothing really beat’s having someone to laugh and share your creative thought’s with. For me this has been a learning curve and for those of you who are wanting to learn about yourself creatively, grow and meet new like-minded people then I’d give it ago .

Kate x

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4 thoughts on “My #makeartthatsells bootcamp experience

  1. Great stuff Kate, it sounds as though it was a very motivating experience and some help in getting you focused. When you work in isolation, I know from experience that it can take years for you to achieve this on your own! x

    1. Hey eleanor 🙂 its been an experience for sure and helped me discover more about myself and with the help of my new creative friends you’re absolutely right I made more progress than I realised I might not have done alone :). How do you keep motivated when making your illustrations and artwork from home ? x kate

    1. Hey amanda 🙂 yep thinking to much into what we’re going to do/make or how its going to look in the end I find just drains my creative thought and means I often take longer to finish things than if I’d just got onto drawing and having fun with it in the first place. How do you get out of a rut when starting your own fresh exciting creative projects? 🙂 kate x

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