Ways of finding and building your own creative experience




Starting out as a young creative is tough because in the beginning things can be both nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time because you’re doing something you love but you’re not sure whether you’ll do it 100% right . For me my creative venture has all been about trial and error, no doubt its that way for many very talented established creatives today πŸ™‚ but where would they be without their own creative experience?

Although I’ve drawn since I was two years old, I experienced my very first illustration project at the age of 16-17 creating illustrations for a children’s book project with an author . It helped me in so many ways such as gaining that insight into how things were done, how I was to communicate with my client , managing my time and editing the work into finished pieces and its this experience that put me on the path I’m on today .

So here I’ve put together a few tips on gathering creative experience to help build up your understanding of your creative practice;

  • Putting your work out there is a start , there are student websites such as http://www.studentgems.com who allow students to apply for job availabilities or briefs for projects to help develop and gain their experience in their practice. This is a website I used previously when I was younger and its a good place to build my portfolio.
  • Applying for competitions is a great way of experiencing working to an industry brief and deadline , applying your own style and skills to a chosen theme for a company brief. Websites such as Tiger print and spoon flower release monthly creative competitions and briefs that you can submit for with also a possibility of winning prizes and such .
  • Attending creative seminars though different in a practical sense is another great way of gaining industry experience by listening to those who work within it. I attended a creative seminar held in Coventry back in 2013 for illustrators, there I got to listen to spokesmen for both a magazine publisher , creative agent and a freelance illustrator called Luke Brookes whose also based in Staffordshire uk.

Remember books and education though they’re good can only take you so far, I used to think that having lots of books by my side and putting in the hours would make me a pro and though it can help it’s actually doing it that helps you progress and learn .

I hope this helped some of you wanting to get started in building your ownΒ creative experience because through this little post I wanted to share with you how I built up bits of my understanding. If you’ve got any questions just pop over a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you :).


Kate x

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2 thoughts on “Ways of finding and building your own creative experience

    1. hey kim x yep to right you are πŸ™‚ just gotta share what you do and show others your talent otherwise nobody will no just how creative you are πŸ™‚ and lifes less boring with abit of creativity in it so people are sure to admire you for it. kate x

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