Sketchbook sneak peak #makeartthatsells and an inky update


Hey everyone ,

What a drama the month of june has been , whether those of you have noticed this month has been a tad quiet on my little inky blog front but there is a good reason for that I can assure you. No I wasn’t saving the world with batman, sailing across the pacific or anything extravagant like that quite the opposite though in not so many words you could say my studio resembled that of an ocean.


Without going into detail that little hiccup was the reason for my disappearance and temporary two-week holiday from my inky doodling ( oh how I’ve missed you). To make things worse I missed my Make art that sells boot camp deadline so sadly all I have to show for my june project is my deep-sea doodles you see here.


On a brighter note though things could have been a lot worse , so my plan from here on out is to rescue what’s left of my studio , get back onto my blog writing both here and at illustration friday and continue to share with you more inky doodles minus the soggyness. More to come soon though guys so watch this space and I’m eager to get back checking out your creative works and wonder’s aswell!



Kate x

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10 thoughts on “Sketchbook sneak peak #makeartthatsells and an inky update

  1. Hello Kate,
    These are utterly fabulous, I adore turtles so that is defo a fave with me. I recently took the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design Course and loved it, still got 2 modules to go!
    I might get round to taking the MATS bootcamp one day too.
    So just dipping my toe in and hope I can produce art as lovely as yours 🙂


    1. Hey kim,
      Great to meet you thanks for popping over to my little blog 🙂 ohhhh is that the rachael taylor course ? Mat’s bootcamp is great for just challenging yourself and expanding your creative thought aswell as making some creative chums along the way 🙂 so for sure dip those toes! Just popping over to you blog again to look through your lovely little posts 🙂 I’m sure your works lovely anyways kim .

      Kate xx

      1. Yes it is the Rachael Taylor Course, highly recommended! That’s how I heard about MATS, think I’ll take it once I’ve built a portfolio so I can expand it as you’ve suggested.
        Everyone is so supportive and friendly 🙂 xx

    1. Hey Karen ! sorry for the late reply I got lost in the midst of blog / life crazyness but yes my old studio space was a tad soggy due to our flood but hopefully in afew months things will be back to normal though in the mean time i’ve got plenty of inky stuff planned. Hope you are well? I often see your inky comic posts in my blog feed 🙂 so your as busy as ever x kate

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