A glimpse into the sketchbook three #makeartthatsells

Hey everyone !

So this is just a quite small ” sketchbook sneak peek” for  may’s part of my mats boot camp project , this months project was based around the creation of an illustration that voiced ” The benefits of meditation”.

In the beginning we were challenged to lend our creative hand to drawing people, face and features and no doubt like many of you we creatives have one teeny tiny area of doubt when it comes to drawing certain subject matter and mines  people for sure.


I’ll tell you a story that happened why back when in the days of art college where I had quite an old-fashioned illustration teacher. He was a nice chap and probably like many teens I went through the whole loving anime stage , the books and all that jazz so naturally when I was challenged to draw people that’s sort of how they turned out or so it seemed according to my illustration teacher.


My lecturer bless him was all ” Manga is an art by the japanese and its often very hard to distinguish that kind of art in your own style … blah blah ” so basically he wanted me to not draw people like I was but to me I guess that’s how in my mind they looked and how my style then applied.

So without a doubt when Lilla Rogers gave us the brief to draw people my jaw dropped to the floor and I avoided the project for about a week ( simply due to my mind going ” how am I going to draw this without it looking manga like?!?!) . It’s funny how your creative mind can have those triggers no doubt its the same if you can’t draw animals or any other kind of matter really.

Although now I look at it really my illustration is nothing like manga and this is just my own artistic representation of how I’d make a person look. So for any of you fellow creatives out there who are daunted by the prospect of drawing something that’s a challenge or new to you , don’t worry about getting a perfected result just have fun with it and see where your style takes you.

Kate x

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5 thoughts on “A glimpse into the sketchbook three #makeartthatsells

    1. Hey al! thanks for popping by and your right hand drawn script is kind of becoming a lost art but best to embrace it and share it so that it doesnt get lost :). The same could be said for calligraphy and other art techniques if we dont practice them they get forgotten 🙂 x

  1. Gorgeous work Katie! And good advice too. I totally connect with what you are saying – I grew up loving comics and working in animation and struggled with removing the influences from my work too. Its funny you are taught to emulate your heroes and then you have to teach yourself to somehow forget it all.

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