Inky tips : Sharpie fine tip marker ( in gold wahoo!)

Hello everyone!

So this months inky tips is slightly different because we’re bringing a little colour to the tips series as I stumbled across the little metallic sharpie  marker series online and thought why not!  Now you might sit and ponder ” What can I do with a sharpie marker for an inky project?” but there’s plenty these  little pens and your creative talent can do so here’s a few of my own inky tips to help generate some idea’s that may inspire you along the way.


Inky tip one : 

These sharpie metallic markers come  in a mix of two nib sizes from a “fine” nib which is like a bullet tip ( as seen below) to the ” extra fine”  which is more like a fine liner nib for more detailed work.

If you like to do more finer details of pen work like I’m used to then it’d probably be worth going for an extra fine tip sharpie as I found this one was a little to big, but worked wonders for my egg cup DIY which you can check out “here”  and filling in lots of open space.

Inky tip two : 

These pens are alcohol based  meaning they are fast drying markers so you have no real worries about smudges or your design wiping away. They’re  water proof  / fade proof  to so any beautiful design you make is sure to stay on surfaces that are purely I’d say for decorative uses such as drawing onto a print, notebook etc ( I’ll explain why shortly 🙂 ) .

Depending on the surface you draw on you might also need to go over your original line for a stronger layered pigment of colour just to give you a more defined line.


Inky tip three : 

Last but not least another pro to these pens is that they are workable onto just about any type of surface and I’ve seen a lot of very talented people make some amazing projects with these sharpie markers.

Although projects such as DIY mugs or drawing onto your own phone cases requires an oil based version of this marker rather than an alcohol one. This is simply because through experience I’ve found they either wash off , the design will fade , discolour or rub off over time. So if you’d like to try this marker for projects like this it may not be ideal.

Price wise :

I purchased my marker in gold from for about £1.70 though you can pretty much find them in any local art shop or stationery stores online.

They do come available in a varied palette of other colours from pastels to primary’s and more metallic such as copper and silver ,  making them perfect for adding accents and extra highlighted details to any illustration, painting or project.

I hope this inky tip post was helpful I’ve got some more lined up in the coming months for a light box review and some more inky pens. If there’s anything else you’d like to know more about that I could help with though just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. What kind of creative project would you use these inky markers for ? 🙂


Kate x

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2 thoughts on “Inky tips : Sharpie fine tip marker ( in gold wahoo!)

    1. Hey mary 😀 for sureeee you can do tuns of things with them in an arty sense 🙂 and Gustav Klimt would of had a whale of a time with some of these, the kiss has to be my most favourite piece of his! x kate

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