#Everydayinmay sketchbook challenge week one!

Hey everyone,

Its may already the year seems to be flying by  when only yesterday it felt like the beginning of january, anyway a creative chum of mine happened to pop me a message telling me she has in fact challenged herself to make a doodle for everyday in the month of may. I found this super exciting as an idea since aside from all the business stuff I do I feel sometimes I don’t always get to doodle as much as I’d like or sometimes I’m trying to be to perfected about my idea’s ( can you sympathise?)  and by doing this I often don’t get many doodles done.

So I’m putting my foot down and to challenge myself I decided to do the #everydayinmay challenge to and so here is a sneak peek at the inky doodles I’ve made so far. If you’d like to get a daily inky fix and also keep up with the rest of my #everydayinmay challenge too then check out my instagram page “here” and say hello too it’d be great to talk to some of you and see what your up to!





(Mini mushrooms)


(Macaroons *nomnomnom*)

1-KL blog post stuff

(Pip & squeak the squirrel cousins and tiny tulips)

Kate x

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8 thoughts on “#Everydayinmay sketchbook challenge week one!

    1. Hey shelley ! I’m really chuffed you like them I’m working on another post for this series right now whilst also being in the midst of getting my inky paper printed to make my diy envelops 😀 so exciting! hope your well kate x

  1. Hey! This is great stuff. So lovely to see the pens you’re working with and get a feeling of the ink on paper. Really evocative and makes me want to crack open my pens!

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