“Each special and unique in her own way” – Tigerprint mum competition sneak peak

Hey everyone,

So its been a little while since I did a sneaky peak post into what I’m up to illustration wise and since april month was a break from MATS ( make art that sells) I decided to get some bits done to keep my creativity flowing. After pottering about the internet a friend of mine told me about the Tigerprint competition and if you’re not to sure who Tigerprint are they’re a  Uk based design studio who create beautiful work for commercial businesses and products like M&S.

Every month they release a fun creative brief tailored to a specific theme, occasion or product open for anyone to enter from student to beginner freelance etc, so this month the Tigerprint’s competition brief was based around mothers day and the aim was to create a design for a mother’s day card.


So off I went to try to muster some inspiration as to where to get started putting together the building blocks for a design, though after a few hours of procrastination I realised I wasn’t quite getting anywhere with my time ( curse you farm heroes). In that moment my mum pottered past my desk and this prompted the thought back to what I did for mother’s day this year,  of course then I remembered mothers day consisted of me being stuck with a trapped nerve that I have to say cramped my creativity for quite a few days.



Though despite being stuck in bed for the best part of 4 days where I couldn’t do an awful lot who was it that came to my rescue but my mum, so you know even at 23 everyone still needs their mum’s sometimes :).  It was that day at about 10 o’clock at night I was feeling quite fed up and emotional with my trapped nerve in my neck ( never felt something so painful) that my mum in fact in all her pyjama glory drove to the nearest supermarket and brought me back some medicine and a huge bunch of tulips which surprisingly enough inspired this little piece you see here.


Using my sketchbook and pencil I began making clusters of the tulips I photographed in my vase and slowly bit by bit they began to form a heart on their own ( how uncanny 😀 ). Once I was done putting my pencil work together by hand I always move onto  redraw/trace over my pencil work in fine liner ink and then scan and only finely edit in Photoshop ( I don’t alter any of the original  line work or anything because I believe in keeping my style traditional ).

Fullscreen capture 29042014 133737.bmp

After my editing , a  splash of colour and text was added here and there  my design was finished.  I have to say I’ve not really designed specifically for cards much before but this design just really captured in my own story and memories of how important my mum is to me and as per  usual I uploaded it last minute the other night.

Whether or not my design gets picked at all it was still extremely fun putting this together aswell as getting the chance to see so many other talented people’s inspirational designs that they created themselves to. Have you ever tried entering a Tigerprint competition or designed your own card? Let me know what you think and be sure to share your blog post doodles to as it’s always great to see what many of you are up to and inspired by.

Kate x

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