Inky tips : Unipin fine line ink pen

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my second inky tips post for april hurray! So if in last months inky tips blog post which you can check out “here” I showed you guys one of the inky pens that I use a lot in my work and gave some honest little tips about them incase you’ve not come across them yourselves and would like to give them a try. So moving on this month I’m going to do an inky tips post on the ” Uni Pin fine liners” made by Uniball so here it is!  1-IMG_20140424_095649
Inky tip 1 :  The Uni Pin fine liners are a very similar ink liner to the staedtler one’s I mentioned previously, they come in a variety of nib sizes going from 0.05 (thinnest ) to 0.8 ( thickest). My favourite nib of choice in this pen collection has to be the chunky 0.5 and 0.8 nib mainly because I feel that these pens allow me to fill up lots of inky space when I’m creating a design that requires a lot of area’s colour blocked in.  I do often buy these in the multipacks ( they come in sets of five) or I fish around for special offers to ( who doesn’t love a bargain 🙂 ) .

Inky tip 2 :  Inky tip number two has to be that these pens are waterproof and fade proof on paper surfaces, so over time you don’t have to worry about your illustration fading or I’ve found if they’re framed in direct sunlight the ink lasts really well. Though unfortunately they do require you to replace the cap after use as they can dry out ( if you happen to forget them like me oops). I also find the nib for me doesn’t last as long as I’d like and can become blunt more quickly than the staedtler pens I use but then again this depends on how much and what you use them for.1-Desktop

Inky tip 3: Number three  has to be that these pens are well pigmented when I ink up my page, though sometimes as the pen is used over time the nib wears down to a flatter point meaning its harder for ink to come out ( either that or its dying and needs a replacement). Also if you want to try a different colour of choice for your inky projects its pretty cool that you can get  these pens online in both red and blue to ( though I’m eager to find a sepia pen for myself 🙂 ) .

Inky tip 4:  Last but not least sometimes I’ve found the ink nib in these pens can drag sometimes on my page though I find using these little inky pens on layout paper they run across the page surface much more smoothly than they may do on grained cartridge paper for example.

Price wise : Moving onto price I think these pens are really reasonably priced varying from  £1.74 for a single pen to £6.00 for a set of 5 on various shops online such as Amazon or aswell as of course at your local stationary or art shop ( gotta support local business to!).

That’s this month’s inky tips all wrapped up for now , maybe for next months  I’m pondering on doing a tips post on the types of paper I illustrate on what do you guys think?  I hope you found this helpful , a word press friend of mine recommended some super cool new pens so I’m going to place an inky order soon to give them a try since its always good to try new things other than my all time favourites . Do you have a personal favourite art material?

Kate x

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11 thoughts on “Inky tips : Unipin fine line ink pen

  1. You have done a great post for tips on these pens. I have used them for years and like them the best of all others that I have. I find them the quickest for drying. I have never had a problem with rubbing out a pencil under drawing with these pens.

    1. Hey rose 🙂 I remember the unipin pens have always been a personal favourite of yours 😀 , I’ve sometimes found I rub out my pencil lines to earlier so mine can smudge sometimes but maybe thats to do with the paper I’m using to? Loving your 365 face a day challenge very cool to see what your coming up with as I find portraits or drawing people and features a real challenge hence I stick to my furry and feathery friends x kate

      1. Oops pressed the wrong button and posted instead of deleting. I was saying maybe you are erasing a little too quickly. I love furry friends. I am enjoying the weird and wonderful people popping out.

  2. Thanks for the pen tip. I’m always looking for the perfect drawing pen. Lately, I’ve been using the Sharpie fine line retractable pen, there’s no bleeding on the paper. I’ll give these pens a try. – Sharon

  3. Hey there! I find that the UniPin Fine Liners tend to fade a bit when I erase the pencil lines under the ink when I’m done with a piece.. Do you get that too? Which pens do not fade after a rub down with an eraser? Thnx!

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