#Easter Diy gold inky egg cups – perfect for breakfasts!



Hey everyone ,

So  you know what’s coming up this weekend ? its Easter sunday hurray! Now what’s not to love about easter sunday , there’s egg hunts, chocolate’s and more chocolates to look forward to and eat of course * hehe*. I always remember as kids mum would make us amazing easter bonnets ( straw hats embellished in easter crafty bits) as every easter at school a competition would be held for the best bonnet. We never quite won first place but also looked forward to enjoying egg and soldiers for breakfast that day before school.

So to reminisce a bit I put together this inky little easter inspired tutorial so together we can create some super cool egg cups for your own egg and soldiers on sunday morning !


 Things you will need to made your own inky egg cup will be :

1. Wooden egg cup ( you can find these on ebay )

2. Gold metallic sharpie fine tip marker

3. Basic paint brushes x 2

4 . Tube of white paint x 1

Optional : palette , water , modge podge


Step one : Squeeze a small amount of white paint onto your palette or old plate and ensuring your egg cup is clean use your brush to apply your first coat of white paint to the surface.

Note : If your paint is to thick then simply add a little water to make it easier to apply and also you may need two coats of white paint to your cups to ensure they’re completely covered


 Step two : Once your cups have had 2 coats of paint and are completely dry ( leave the for 10 – 15 minutes to dry) you can then get down to using your gold sharpie ( or sharpie of any colour you prefer) and get down to the fun stuff!

Note : If you want to colour the inside of the cup this area will need 2 coats of paint to ( oops I forgot to photograph that bit )

1-easter blog post pics

Step three : Here I started out creating a floral themed egg cup in my own style , using the very tip of the sharpie I added gold leaves, gold specs and flowers to the top half of the cup. Then for the bottom half I used a dotting technique and created this speckled effect all across the bottom working my way around the whole cup until I reached where I started.

Note : You can also add a gold rim to the top of the cup like I did, though you may need to go over your design twice to ensure as in my case the gold ink is bold enough to show your design at its best.

1-easter blog post pics1

Step four : You can then colour the bottom and inside of the cup in with your sharpie marker if you’d like to . I found the inside’s of my egg cup’s were a little grainy because of the wood surface but didn’t have too much trouble filling these in with my sharpie marker.

1-easter blog post pics2

Step five : Now depending on how many egg cups you have to hand , you can repeat  from steps one and then create a series of egg cups with different designs of your choice. The set of egg cup’s I purchased came in a pack of four so had a bit of fun and created these little cup’s to give you a few more idea’s as to what kind of idea’s you could do if your feeling a little stuck.


Final step : Once you’ve finished doodling on your egg cups be sure to leave them a few minutes for the ink to completely dry. If you’re worried about them smudging at all ( though they’re permanent markers hopefully they shouldn’t !) you could apply a coat of mod podge to ensure your design stays on your cup for every easter to come!

Note : These cup’s should be perfectly fine to use for your morning egg and soldiers as all eggs should be still in their half shell and shouldn’t come into contact with any of the marker on the egg cup itself though these sharpies are non toxic.

Thanks for checking out my little easter bunny inspired tutorial , these cups would be great to make as little easter gifts for friends or family and you could fill them with anything maybe even a chocolate Cadbury’s creme egg which would complement these little cups perfectly!

If you make your own inky egg cups I’d love to see them or if you have your own easter inspired blog post project that’d be cool to see to ! So what are you all having for breakfast this easter sunday ? 


Kate x

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