What do you aspire to become in your creative life?


Hey everyone,

So recently whilst sipping my cup of mint green tea I pottered through a mix of fellow creative blogs that I really love , there’s just something about looking at other creative’s posts , reading their stories and journeys that’s really fascinating to me. Whenever I stumble across a new blog I feel through reading it I’m making connections through each persons writing and gaining that little glimpse into the person behind the blog.

What really brings a bright smile to my face is when people actually speak about their passions and enthusiasm and how their life is an amazing adventure to yet unfold and the aspirations they have of things to do and learn within it. It’s just an amazing way to connect with someone and realise that aside from maybe being amazing at drawing this person has similarities to you like loving yoga or a stationary addiction as I’ve recently made friends through haha.

Anyways feeling inspired  I decided it’d be pretty cool to sit down and think of 10 things I would love to do and learn in my life ;

  1. I would love to learn the drums ( already know piano at grade 6 but my dad was an avid guitar hero drummer so its something I’d love to do)
  2. Learn about mentoring and creative coaching
  3. Write my own series of creative inky books
  4. Design a range of my own products ( *cough cough maybe stationary cough cough*)
  5. Take a proper yoga class
  6. Hold my own small exhibition somewhere 🙂
  7. Live by the sea in Wales ( I love love love Anglesey)
  8. Renovate a home of my own from scratch  (have a flair for interior design)
  9. Possibly see the northern lights ( even though I don’t like snow or the cold much! a film balto reminded me of this)
  10. Build my own creative studio space
Now that my 10 things are all done how about you , what are the 10 things you’d love to do or learn in your life ? Putting aside the daily life doings, money worries and all that I think if you can do even one of these things for yourself at a time it’s really good for the soul aswell as a for filling achievement , that could lead you anywhere which is just as an exciting adventure in life itself. 

Kate x

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5 thoughts on “What do you aspire to become in your creative life?

  1. Hi Kate, great blog as usual! It’s always good to have goals but at my time in life (well into middle age I’m afraid!) my list would have to be shorter and a little more simple. My main aim is to be as good as I possibly can at drawing but also to hone my own style and make it more expressive! I’d also like to set up an Etsy shop followed by a nature/art blog. I’m lucky that I’ve already achieved many of my goals in life but it’s funny because as you get older you look back and !your ideas of what you wish to achieve often change! Although I’ve loved art from a very young age I’ve only been able to devote my time to it relatively late life so I feel very lucky just to be able to have this opportunity now.
    I hope you reach all your goals Kate – you ‘ve certainly hit the ground running with you illustration! I enjoy all your comments and take inspiration from your art, I think sharing and making other people happy is a great achievement in itself 🙂 x

    1. Hey eleanor ,

      thanks so much for popping over from twitter its great to see you! *huge smiley face* I always think it doesn’t really matter how old you are if you have an aspiration or dream to do something thats an amazing thing to have as some people don’t have that or the motivation to pursue one so having one or ten is a great thing :). Your always amazing at inking and your drawing skills are fantastic so I don’t think you need to worry about getting as good as you possibly can because the more you explore your creative work the more your skills will meld and develop anyways . I love the idea of an etsy shop and nature blog to can’t wait to see them live as I’ll be your very first of many followers ;). Aww thank you I would give you a huge squidgy hug if I could , I intend to keeping running with my work as you know I love creative things and am now getting more confident showing others what I can do to aswell as maybe cheering them up or cheering others on x kate

  2. Well even though I am pushing very close to 70 years old I still have a decent size bucket list.
    Take singing lessons, would love to sing in a choir
    Parachute from a plane
    Teach regular mixed media workshops
    Have all my writing edited
    Take courses in everything creative
    Act in a small play
    Play everyday with my art….oh sorry, do that one 🙂 🙂
    Great post, thank you

    1. Hey rose well regardless of age I think your aspirations are amazing and there’s still alot of adventure in you isn’t there that you want to pursue 😀 and yep I think your ” play everyday with art” is ticked off the list just afew more left to do 🙂 thanks so much for sharing I’ve been reading your creative writing stories 🙂 have you ever thought of publishing them or illustrating them as books?

      1. I am one of those ‘one day I will publish a book’ but have never got around to it but this story ‘Ember Moon’ feels right. Of course it needs work and I haven’t finished the illustrations,however, with the encouragement I am getting I would like to put the effort into it. Thank you for you blog as it is always inspiring.

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