A glimpse into the sketchbook two #makeartthatsells

Hey everyone, So last week I was due my final blog post of national stationary week however life things happen over the course of the weekend that took up all my time and I didn’t get to finish it up and post it. Though I’m a bit gutted I didn’t get to I’m going to finish up the post anyways and pop it up as promised shortly!

So till then anyways moving on  the march month of “make art that sells” is all done, I have to say its been a big test of my skills aswell as kicked me out of my comfort zone to challenge me in creating a wibbly wobbly pudding themed series of illustrations that were to be put into a repeat pattern. Here I put together another ” glimpse into the sketchbook” post to just give you a little insight into how this piece came to be to share the inky fun with all of you.   IMG_0171 Starting out like many of you I begin in my sketchbook ( note to self : I never used to start in my sketchbook but tried to visualise an end before a beginning have you found this? However I realise now this doesn’t work and often only results in procrastination and lack of productivity so use your sketchbook 🙂 ). Desktop4   Then I bring out my fine liner pens ( I use both staedtler and unipin pens)  and begin filling in all the little characteristics and details of my pieces. Speaking of ink my creative chum  Lenny carter called me the inky queen last week and I’m honoured to be given such a fancy title haha though I do ponder if I use the term to much in my posts 🙂 ? kateleonard_marchsubmission.jpg Once all my inking and scanning was done I edit everything into photoshop and began piecing together my pattern, it took quite a few failed attempts ( yep they were horrible) until I eventually put together this  little piece. I really love working with sepia browns as my inked line colour even though I draw in black, however I still find adding colour into my work a bit of a challenge so if anyones got any tips or advice I’d love to hear from you.

Kate x

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