A stationary addicts papergood favourites #nsw14 #lovestationary


Hello everyone,

Its wednesday already the week seems to be flying by!  Now I am going to put up my hand and make  a confession;

” my name is Kate Leonard and I have stationary disease, I purchase stationary because it has the compelling powers and forces which persuade me to buy it and then proceed to stare at it until I have the guts to use it” ( Kate Leonard 2014 lol ).

Is it a women thing ? maybe I’m not quite sure nor have I ever come across a man who is the same way with stationary ( though they maybe with a sport car ). So speaking of stationary disease I’ve put together my own “stationary addicts paper goods favourites” all of which are made by some very talented uk designer makers that I wanted to share with you!


“Card Couture Creations by Dani fox” 

Yes my love of Kraft card has crept up again, I found these littles Kraft printed notebooks by Dani fox on folksy and though they’re mothers day themed I have to say they’re pretty cute! I’ve always had a love for hand bound sketchbooks and notebooks but never quite got the stitching right so little books like these are something I admire :).


“Victoria Snape pretty paper goods”

I came across victoria’s little paper goods shop whilst pottering around folksy (which is like a uk version of etsy). I really love her little water-colour series of floral cards and especially like how she’s added whimsical hand written phrases and lettering to the covers whilst the botanical elements flow around it. Desktop7

” Pumpkinsputnik paper goods”

 I’ve blogged a little about Emma’s paper good’s in the past but that’s only because I can’t quite get enough of them and if you’re a big lover of vintage hued florals like me you’ll love these notebooks to! I have a betsy notebook which I use as a field sketchbook because there’s cartridge paper rather than lined inside making it perfect to draw on.

How about you guys, whose your current favourite paper goods maker or brand?

Kate x

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