March inky stationary favourites : #nsw14 #lovestationary

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Hello everyone,

Its monday so here it is my first “national stationary week” blogpost! Being a lover of stationary and inky goodies that make putting pen to paper a thousand times more enjoyable , maybe you can relate when you find that certain sketchbooks, notebooks or inky pens just don’t feel right when getting down to being creative no matter how hard you try.

However its when you find those perfect little materials that float your creative boat your away drawing with ease and enjoying the journey whilst you’re at it. So here are three of my march stationary favourites that I truly enjoy and wanted to share with you; if your a fellow illustrator, art student or just a general stationary addict then take a read and see if anything takes your fancy to give a try!


1. Staedtler fine liners : Now I’ve already done a monthly inky tips post on these babies which you can check out “here”  about these pens , but I really love these liners so much and can’t put them down. They are really well pigmented , long lasting ,free flowing and don’t drag on my page whether I’m doodling or just jotting down general notes.

2. Daler & Rowney kraft sketchbook : I picked up this little kraft sketchbook whilst I was away in portmadog nearly a year ago  and completely forgot to use it ( if you’re a recovering stationary addict like me you buy a book to look at it for abit till you have the guts to use it). What I really loved about this book is the inside pages are smooth kraft coloured with litle fibres in each page adding a really lovely contrast and great texture to any drawing you do.

3. Paperchase kraft notebook : I will admit I’ve never stepped foot into a paperchase store ever ( I live in staffordshire and I think the nearest paperchase to me is either liverpool or manchester not quite sure!). However a little while ago I stumbled across the online shop and found their kraft range of notebooks and instantly fell in love with these ( my poor bank balance).

You might look at these and think they’re a bit dull however  if you’re a inky doodler, painter  or print maker you can stylise the front cover however you like to really make it your own and promote your style. You can see from the front of my book I lino printed my own design onto it which I think is a really cool diy project.

That about wraps up my three favourite stationary goodies for #nsw14 , I’m super excited and eager to know what your top three favourite stationary items are right now? Be sure to leave a comment to let me know or if you have any questions  and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Kate x

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4 thoughts on “March inky stationary favourites : #nsw14 #lovestationary

    1. hey rose its great to see you again how are you? I haven’t used a fountain pen in yearsssss I remember my very first parker pen that my dad gave me at the start of high school memory lane 🙂 . Now I often stick to my fine liners but maybe i’ll give a fountain pen a try some time 😀 now that you’ve inspired me. Are you going to blog some of your own inky drawings with the LAMY pen ? would be great to see. kate x

      1. I came across my old Parker but the nib was slightly rusted and they don’t make replacements for antiques :). I was kinda glad when I saw these flouro colours, a great excuse for a new one. I am busy writing with it at the moment, made me want to do done ‘snail mail’ but will play draw very soon. I can’t use it in the 365 day face book as the pages are too thin and the face over the page will have to bear the brunt of it…then again that could be interesting…mmmmmm. 🙂

  1. Hard for me to say which stationary items i like best, as in the little town i am in right now, the supply is limited and i have to order everything online. I do miss the days when i used to walk down to the Paperchase store and browse…

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