Hello national Stationary week! #nsw14

national stationary week-001

Hello everyone,

Today is the first day of national stationary week  here in the uk,  if you’re scratching your head wondering “What’s national stationary week?” national stationary week  is basically a celebrated week where people all over are encouraged to embrace their love of stationary, share their personal favourites and dabble in a little  written inkyness.

If you’d like to learn even more about it and get involved you can check out all the details via this little link “here” that will take you straight to it.So just to share a little secret with you I’m a big lover of stationary from pens to diaries and sketchbooks , I love them all so this week I’m going to have a bit of fun  putting together a couple of my favourite stationary posts to share with all of you!

Monday : March Inky  favourites for the stationary addict

Wednesday : My 3 uk creative designer maker’s papergood’s products

Friday :  How to make your own inky handwritten woodland wall art (DIY)

I’m really looking forward to putting these posts together, if you’re also celebrating national stationary week over at your blog or you’d just like to share your own personal stationary favourites be sure to comment below so I can see what your all up to as well!

Kate x

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