Happy mothering sunday! #mothersday


Hey everyone,

I hope your all having a lovely weekend and happy mothering sunday to all the mum’s out there! So this post is coming to you a little late partly because I’ve had a tiny trapped nerve in my neck which has made it pretty much impossible to do anything meaning I haven’t even been able to even do any drawing at all!

Anyways today I’m feeling a bit cherpier but still not quite 100% and to top it off unfortunately my original plan of putting together an “inky mother’s day how to” to share with you all had to be posted phoned .



(my lovely mum way back when )

So to make up for it I just thought I’d write this little post to wish all your mum’s as well as my own mum a happy mother’s day and to just let her know that even though there are day’s when she drives me potty I’m truly thankful and happy she’s in my life and cheers me up when I’m down.

If at first you don’t succeed , do it like your mother told you, author unknown

(this quote is to true she’s a clever clogs and often when we do things our own way we will near enough always revert to hers such is the way of the mother)

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

Kate x

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