Inky jelly illustration video sneak peek

Hey everyone ,

I’m really getting into having a little camera looming over my shoulder on a large tripod whilst I doodle away , it’s actually pretty cool watching back the little characteristics that we as creative people have as we draw and watching an imaginative piece unfold.

I never really realised before and maybe some of you can agree when you doodle or sketch in class , a meeting or just in your spare time and somebody is stood gazing and you’re wondering what they’re so intrigued about. It’s the same I guess through something as easy as filming you get a peek into “creativity at work” that pictures don’t allow you to see so here’s a clip of my mats ( make art that sells) project work for the march month.

I’ll have another sketchbook sneak peek post coming soon as right now I’m working on a pretty cool mothers day project post to share and maybe inspire you all a little bit 🙂 on what to give mum this mothers day.

Kate x

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