Inky tips : Staedtler Fine pigment Liners

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all doing good and keeping super creative! So I decided to start a little run of blog posts called ” Inky tips” that’s basically a mixture of illustration tips and chatter about a variety of creative things that I wanted to share with you.

Recently I got asked a lot about what types of materials I use for my illustration work so I thought why not just blog about one or two as I go along , so today’s post is about one of the inky fine liners I use by Staedtler.

sketch desk image k leonard

Inky tip 1 : The Staedtler fine liners that I use come in a mixture of nib sizes from 0.05  ( thinnest) to 0.7 ( thickest). My favourite nib of choice has to be 0.3 as it gives me just the right depth of line and strong black pigment I’m looking for in my work .

Though I have to say I  often buy the multi size sets so that I get a variety of nibs to work with so if  you’re new and want to try these out I’d give this set a try ! p.s  you can see in my picture here what size’s you get with the standard 4 pen pack 🙂 .

Inky tip 2 :  Another pro point is these are  water proof pens on paper so if you like to add watercolour to your work, markers  or accidentally spill anything you don’t have to worry about your ink smudging or bleeding onto your page.

Illustration collage k leonard

Inky tip 3 :  If you get extremely distracted or walk off to tend to other to do’s  like me and completely forgot you left your pens on the desk uncapped *gasp* you might worry about your pens drying up! Well this last pretty cool feature of these inky pens is they have an 18 hour cap off time so your lovely pen won’t dry up if your happen to wonder off!

Price wise :  You can pick up single pens for about £2.47  online and the pack of four for around £6.00 from places like aswell as your local stationary or craft store.

I hope this little post is helpful , I do use another inky fine liner by UniPin to and combine the two in my work. What types of fine liners do you use ? If you have one that you recommend be sure to let me know as I’d love to give them a try.

Kate x

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19 thoughts on “Inky tips : Staedtler Fine pigment Liners

    1. Hey tim 🙂 thanks for popping over to my little post its great to meet you ! I just took a look at your blog and your penwork is fantastic I especially really love the illustration that embellishes the front of your blog :).

      I’ve used brush tips in the past by faber castell but found they didnt quite say as fine a brush tip for very long. Though I have to say they’re probably better for filling in block inked space than my tiny 0.7 fine liner is so maybe I’ll give them a try do you recommend any i should try? kate x

      1. Hi Kate, I’m sorry to be so slow to reply.
        The brush pens I’ve been using lately are the Faber Castell and Micron Pigma. My wife is using a Steadtler and another refillable brush pen and don’t know the brand.

        I like the performance of the Faber Castell okay, but I have found that they don’t fit together well. The bottom of the SB small brush keeps coming off. I put the cap on the bottom for drawing and then pull the cap off when I’m done. The bottom piece comes off with the cap. Now the brush is dry. In don’t know if I used it all or if it dried out for lack of a tight fit. The .01 tip pen from the same set dried out prematurely. I also have the Fabor Castell brush, not the small brush. It’s much less flexible. It is like a cross between a brush and a felt tip. It gives me better line control, but is less organic than the small brush. I don’t think I’ll buy FC pens again. The Micron Pigma has been good. It is a brown brush tip. When I pulled out my pens to reply to you, I found that my brown Micron Pigma .005 had leaked into the cap, hmmm. It should be noted that my pens ride around in a portfolio in my truck all the time, so it is less than ideal conditions for the pens. I do this because I am an opportunistic artist. I draw during lunch, waiting at road construction, waiting for doctor appoinments, you get the picture.
        My wife likes the Staedler brush and the refillable, but I haven’t tried either of them yet. Our styles are quite different. I am more detailed and fine lined, while she has a bolder line approach.
        We both agree we would like a finer tipped brush, but haven’t found one yet. I don’t know why, but I have much better control over my watercolor brushes than the brush pen. I hope I didn’t put you to sleep with my long winded response. 🙂

      2. Hey Tim , thanks for replying 😀 I think you’ve convinced me to give the micron a go 🙂 I especially love designing in sepia most to so it’ll make an awesome change from jet black ink. I’ve used Faber castle Pitt pens in the past myself and found they dried out quite quickly to plus the nibs never lasted very long and the brush pen became frayed easily . Does your wife blog to 🙂 ? Kate x

      3. Yes, you can find her at I’ve never found a brand that lasts as long as I think it should. 🙂 Her refillable brush pen is a Pentel, and it’s okay. She also has a Copic and Prismacolor, but I haven’t tried those yet. She has the micron and Faber Castell too. I didn’t realize she had so many!

  1. Thank you for your tips. I have been using UniPins for years and love them but I am always on the lookout for something different. I will try the Staedtler now. An artist friend just bought a copic fineliner but I am not sure if it is alcohol based. I love your illustrations and look forward to more tips.

    1. Hey Rose ,

      Its great to speak with you again I am also a unipin gal and have been since art college days but it was a fellow illustrator chum who convinced me to give these a try ( though Im going to do another inky tips on the unipin ones soon! )

      I have used copic fine liners myself in the past as I have afew sets of the copic markers and they are good but I didnt find the nibs to be as durable as the staedtler or unipin.

      I think the bonus with these pens are they’re more budget friendly and easy to replace as they wear down as there’s nothing worse than a blunt fine liner ! kate x

  2. Absolutely stunning work. I use ink and a brush for the line quality but struggle with fine detail. Maybe I’ll try these.

    1. Hey Amanda , thanks so much for commenting! I just popped over to you little bunny planet blog and its so adorable your illustrations are lovely 😀 .

      I will admit inking with a brush when i tried it is pretty tricky so looking at your work its beautiful inke 😀 but little bits like fine detail I can see what you mean it would be tricky to do.

      These inky pens are really good let me know what you think if you give them a try :D. Kate x

    1. Hey sofia its great to meet you thanks for popping over 😀 , these inky pens are super cool i love them to :). I just popped over to your blog and your illustrations are just as lovely 😀 whats most inspires you in your drawing? 🙂 as I noticed you do abit of everything kate x

      1. Thank you. Yeah I keep jumping from style to style I guess I haven’t really found my niche yet but it’s also because I find most of my inspiration from photography and so many subject passion me.

  3. Have to try these — my faves are the Pigma Microns. I tried the Pitts, too (eavesdropping on the conversation with foresterartist), but they do dry out quickly, and I don’t like the squishiness of the nibs. Haven’t tried the unipins, either, have to look them up! Thanks for this series!

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