Week four : “Inky woods, critters and cuckoos”

Hey everyone !

So february mats project is all rounded up I had a tun of fun just getting back to being more creative  and less fussy about what I would draw and  what might look good because I realise now this leads to procrastination and you don’t get anything done!

Anyways I also got to meet a tun of talented creatives chums to and just wanted to share with you my inky woodland, critters and cuckoo’s progress from early sketching to the finished piece :).
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After my sketchbook doodles in week one I put together all of my favourite pieces and began to loosely sketch out my idea for a main illustration piece. After that I was ready to get my inky fine liners out and get to work,  I actually made a video of this illustration if you haven’t seen it and want to check it out you can do so “here”.

 © kate leonard

Once all the inking and finishing off little details was done I scan my inky piece into the computer  and that’s when I get to edit out all my smudges (  tweeted about it can’t help being a lefty plus a tad clumsy ) and little specs to just clean the art up ready for colour !

Untitled-2 @ 100% (Layer 2, RGB8)  22022014 110646.bmp

I have to admit I’ve always been a little intimidated by the use of colour but thanks a friend got brave to pull out the graphics tablet , give it ago and what do you know it actually looked pretty good! 🙂 I like to add textures that are lost in scanning back into my work for that traditional feel and then applied my design onto the  mock-up.


So tada ! here is my finished piece I think my illustrations detail kind of got a little lost in the iPhone mock-up but that’s alright as it still looks ok! I intend to expand on my inky doodles for this collection pretty soon as there’s so many more idea’s I have for it that I’ll be sure to blog about!

Sharing the blog love here’s some of my mat’s chums to!

Vicky Riley

Katie at Jelly lane art blog

Melissa at The hungry artist

Kate x

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6 thoughts on “Week four : “Inky woods, critters and cuckoos”

  1. I allready liked your design during the inking proces, but now it’s finished I think it’s awesome! Love the green touch, it’s not an overwhelming amount of color but really adds something to the design.

    1. Hey Lucinde thanks so much for popping back to my little blog , I’ve been popping over to you and see you make alot of different crafty things which is pretty cool :). I was really tempted to leave the design in black and white or sepia but add the extra colour really does add to it really well ;). kate x

    1. Hey Michelle 😀 yep I find colour pretty scary when it comes to adding it to my inky drawings but I feel like I’ve kind of overcome that and am having so much fun doing it 😀 . Hope your doing well! ( psttt maybe you should try adding colour to 😉 ) kate x

    1. Hey linda thanks so much for popping over ! I’m super excited to get making more inky pieces and videos to come and yep lots of wrist ache from inking haha. Thanks so much for the chance to link up ! Look forward to reading yours and many others posts to 🙂

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