“Inky woodland way to tell the time” sneak peak video :)

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been super busy these past few days working on the mats course aswell as other little life things,  but  I really wanted to give you guys a little bit more of a sneaky peak into how I doodle and create my illustrations seeing the work unfold outside of photos. So here it is all inked up and finished for you to see, let me know what you guys think and if you have some doodly videos of your own be sure to let me know it’d be great to see!

p.s The camera I used to record all the footage seen here is a  “Canon Ixus 132 compact camera” that I got over at amazon, thought I’d pop this here in case any of you want to venture into filming and youtubing videos yourselves. Hopefully soon I’m going to do a little write-up on it so keep an eye out for that real soon if its something that may help you deide which camera to get yourself!

Kate x

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4 thoughts on ““Inky woodland way to tell the time” sneak peak video :)

  1. Very beautiful. I loved your video as you worked. I enjoy marker and pen and ink illustration. I used to be a fashion illustrator a long time ago, and now they do it on the computer. I do most of my drawing and wash fills on the computer now too.

    1. Hey there , aww thank you I’m so chuffed so many people enjoyed my first inky video maybe I’ll make more 🙂 . Its so cool you used to be a fashion illustrator when I was younger I used to illustrate alot of clothes and designs but progressed into the inky illustrator that I am haha though I have to say i prefer traditional drawing to digital work but thats me 😉 there’s alot of very talent digital illustrators out there though! thanks for commenting.

  2. Beautifully designed and rendered work. Sadly I cannot see the pictures on your blog, just tiny icons…… It may be just me – something lacking on my computer – but everything else is fine. You have inspired me to take the leap and try pen sometime soon. I take it you drew the image then used a lightbox? What paper did you draw the pen onto ?

    1. Hey Phillip 🙂 aww no its a shame you cant see the images not sure why 😦 it maybe the web browser you view in. Also I’m so chuffed I inspired you 😀 to get inky with fineliners, yes I re-ink my work via a lightbox onto layout paper because of the transparency it gives me over a pencil sketch :).

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