#Creative Interview with designer : Emma Wilson

Hi everyone,

So today I have a super exciting little post as I got to chat with the creative designer behind Pumpkinsputnik Emma Wilson. Emma is a paper goods designer and maker based in Glasgow uk , where in her little studio she creates a variety of  gorgeous drool worthy notebooks that all you stationary  lovers are sure to adore ( I know I do!).

Here’s Emma’s journey so far as a designer maker and maybe what she has to say will inspire and motivate many of you to!


What inspired you to start out your venture as pumpkinsputnik?

After graduation I had my own wee business making and selling jewellery.  Then I had children and making jewellery at home wasn’t possible (silver and enamel and small children don’t go together very well and we had no space) and renting a workshop/paying for childcare wasn’t practical.  So I did what I could at home, I’d always loved photography and was interested in what I could do with that on the computer.  Pumpkinsputnik came out of that early experimentation, the notebooks and stationery were the perfect fit for my designs and most importantly something I could make at home.

How did you discover your style ?

The style of the Pumpkinsputnik ranges developed over time, but it wasn’t necessarily a conscious thing – I don’t design thinking “these books all need to go together colour-wise”, it just sort of turns out that way.  The colours I’m drawn to when designing all tone in together really well, my brain obviously works in its own colour palette.  I think the designs that work the best are the ones I don’t mess about with too much and just let the photography do the work.


What or who inspires you within your work?

Lots of people inspire me, too many to mention. I do love the work of Maija Isola in particular though – especially the designs which use photographs of trees and plants.

What’s  the one thing that you’ve learned since your business journey started that you didn’t realise in the beginning?

The one thing I’ve learned – that’s a difficult one, I’m learning all the time about different business strategies etc.  I suppose being true to myself creatively and not worrying too much about other people’s opinions about my work , you can’t please everyone and shouldn’t be trying to.  Generally, if you like something, someone else will like it too.


Your biggest achievement so far ?

My biggest achievement so far:  still being here, still working at it.  Sometimes it’s hard running your own business, so just the very fact that I’m still doing it is an achievement.

 What’s your best advice on getting motivated . staying creative and out of a creative block?

As almost everyone you ask will tell you, the best thing to do to clear a creative block is to get away from it for a while – go for a walk, let your brain drift a bit, get away from your desk and computer.  Also, find the time in the day when you work best, and hope that unlike me it’s not when you actually need to be making dinner!


 What advice do you have for others who want to create a career for themselves as a designer maker in 2014?

If I was to give any advice to future designer-makers it would be “do stuff”, do lots, keep drawing/making/designing.  You learn the most by ‘doing’.  Oh – and get some decent business training!

 What are pumpkinsputniks plans for 2014?

2014 will see some changes at Pumpkinsputnik.  I want to expand what I do, I’d like to do more designing for other people, more commission work hopefully – I need to stretch myself a bit and get out of my comfort zone!

Thanks so much Emma for doing an interview with me, no doubt your eager to check out Emma’s work so pop on over to Pumpkinsputnik for a sneaky peak. I really look forward to what 2014 has to hold for you Emma , what about you guys what are your plans for 2014 as a creative?

Kate x

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