A glimpse into the sketchbook #Makeartthatsells

Hey everyone,

For the longest time I’ve been in this endless battle with my sketchbook that maybe many of you can relate to? You know the times where you’ll draw something then think “oh poop that’s not right or it could be a little better” so you either rub it out or pull away the page to start anew . Well I think I’ve found my cure and just got over that perfectionist war waged with my sketchbook during my first week of #makeartthatsells , so here’s a little glimpse between the pages of my sketchbook with many more doodles to come.

Sketches by  © kate leonard


Well what do you guys think ? Do you have any latest sketches to share? If you’re a creative doodler yourself or on the #makeartthatsells course to , be sure to leave a comment so I can pop over and see what amazing illustrations and creations you’ve come up with to!

Kate x

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7 thoughts on “A glimpse into the sketchbook #Makeartthatsells

  1. Great post, something I can definitely relate to, we need to realise our sketchbooks shouldn’t be precious. They are our chance to experiment!

    1. Hey rachel thank you ! I know I’ve been in such a rutt with my poor sketchbook haha but your absolutely right they’re the pages for creation and development to experiment , make mistakes and have fun! kate x

  2. I love this! The birds are so sweet. I really like your line work on the large bird on the right page. I also completely understand ‘the great sketchbook battle’. It took me a really long time to realize that not every page of my sketchbook had to be a complete, finished and perfect realized sketch. Once you get used to treating it with less preciousness, you realize that the collection of unfinished business, doodles, and odds and ends is a collective piece of art all it’s own. Can’t wait to see more!

    1. Hey aimee thanks so much for popping over 😀 the sketchbook battle is never ending haha but your completely right they don’t have to be perfect and even from these little sketches they inspired me to create my big one so its pretty cool 🙂 . More to come really soon ! kate x

  3. Hi, finally got to see your drawings…..my Java was not updated and so they obstinately refused reveal themselves. All good now.

    O.K. I’m seriously impressed – I birdwatch for a hobby so I have an instinctive feel for birds, – especially their ‘jizz’ without which they look, well, dead or deformed. You have observed them and got them just right, a rare feat outside the specialist area of bird illustration. All told your work is a delight. Keep on keeping on!

    warm regards

    1. Hey lucinde thanks so much for popping over to my little blog 😀 really great to meet you! Yep the sketchbook battle can be a pain in the rear I think though its just about not thinking to much onto the pages and what you do really 🙂 and just enjoy sketching. Thank you for the lovely comment to 😀 x kate

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