Interesting person fund to meet Batman seriously!

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The other day I came across a really interesting article by 99U  “10 Creative rituals you should steal” and as I made my way down the page I came upon a point that really caught my eye which got me thinking and it said;

4. Create an “Interesting People Fund”

The interesting people fund is a pre-commitment strategy: by pre-committing time and money to meeting interesting people, you increase the likelihood that you actually do it. Because many people know they ought to do it, and think about doing it, but when push comes to shove and it’s time to take an hour out of your day or spend $40 buying someone lunch — they punt on it.

So I got thinking I can do this I’m gonna get brave and do it. I’m going to save up some pennies , stay determined , make an interesting people fund and meet someone I aspire to meet who inspires me in my illustration, creativity and aspirations in life (aside from my dad who’ll always be my no.1 ) and who knows maybe buy her a Starbucks to.



By now your probably thinking “come on Kate who did you pick!” and let me tell you it wasn’t to hard  as two potential interesting people came to mind. One was Batman ( I mean seriously Bruce Wayne / man in a bat suit) and secondly is my illustration inspiration since back in university Johanna Basford  . Believe it or not I actually got brave to and tweeted Johanna to let her know its me and this is something I aspire to do (hope she doesn’t mind) , so this post is to signify a plan in action!

Kate x

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