3 reasons having a day job whilst you start a business isn’t so bad


Many of you might agree it can be rubbish to have to do something you’re not overly passionate about to make ends meet( yep I know that feeling). Like for example some of you might work and do cleaning,stacking shelves,answering the phone, sorting files or serving customers but really feel there’s something else to explore.I’ve met many talented people lately who are in day jobs that just make them unhappy and don’t create that spark when you’re doing something you have a passion for.

However don’t look so fed up, I can tell your probably pulling a face right now about the thought of getting up for work tomorrow, it’s all about looking at the bigger picture with your start-up business because you’re putting in the work and effort for better things. So here I’ve put together 3 reasons having a part-time job or day job whilst you start-up your business isn’t so bad after all.

1. Having a part-time or day job can help confirm your passion in what your aspiring towards achieving. Sometimes a job that bores you to tears makes you appreciate your new venture, boosting enthusiasm and motivation in doing your best. Whether that’s freelancing ,working from home, in a studio office or having  the ability to travel and network with new people! 

2. It’s not going to be forever! you might work your job a year or a little longer but the effort you put into your passions and aspirations will pay off and before long you’ll reach that point where you can run with your business ventures and the day job will be old news.

3.  Think of your day job in the sense that its enabling you to get to where you want to without financial pressures. Sometimes when you start out you feel you immediately have to put in the hours to sell and make as much as you can, but this isn’t healthy and only puts a lot of pressure on yourself. Everyone has commitments and responsibilities so think of it in the sense that your day jobs covering those financial costs whilst you work on your passion minus the stress. 

Kate x

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