Studio pup and the £10 note


Now this post has little relation to illustration though there was some degree of creativity which you’ll discover as you scroll down and read this post. I just happened to potter downstairs the other morning to greet my three fluffy golden retrievers and prep their breakfast ( one of them is a grumpy girl). After I’d put everything in place and they were munching away I went about making my morning green tea and wandered into the livingroom for some morning spongebob  tv and something hairy with a waggy tale court my eye.

Leonard our golden retriever had something very unusual hanging from his mouth and as you do when you have a dog whose addicted to tissue, pull it away and go to put it in the trash. Only something about this tissue like item seemed different, only as I peered closer did I notice that he’d in fact stolen a £10 bank note from my mum’s purse and well ripped it to smithereens.


After 30 minutes in sellotape surgery I managed to put a majority of the note together to exchange at the bank, only to later have them laugh and hand me this “mutilated” bank form which I filled in pretty accurately wouldn’t you think?


Whoever receives this claim to sort out is sure to have a laugh and I can’t help but ponder if they reimburse us for it as Leonard certainly won’t in a £10 note but more likely will in affection.

Kate x
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