Daily life as an illustrator part one

It’s really quite funny what actually spurred me on to write this post, it was something shoo rayner ranted in his video on working from home which you can find “here” if you’d like to watch it.He expressed how frustrating it can be being self-employed working from home and it really made me laugh when he said ” People see you lolling around staring out of the window” and in my case daydreaming and the people around you think you’re not being very productive so give you things to do ( like cleaning or running errands lol).


It really tickles me as this is exactly how the people around me I think perceive me as an “illustrator”. But from my perspective starting out as an illustrator working at my practice I think I’m actually quite productive, when in fact it wasn’t till christmas day as I unwrapped a fluffy jumper from my mum that she expressed I’m a “nesh doodler/daydreamer often sitting in layers of jumpers, gowns and blankets whilst perked on my chair at my desk”.

Its so funny how people can perceive you to be when you work from home as I suppose if I went out to work more often ( I do work part time aswell ) then maybe she’d see me differently.This little humourous moment led me to illustrating a sketchy version of myself and also made me want to ask really how do people perceive you in your work? Certainly for me when it comes to business I’m not going to roll up in blankets with a cup of tea in my hands but compared to being in a day job I think I’m happy with being seen as a nesh doodler working from home.

p.s even if somebody on the outside perceives you a certain way there still work to be done and your sure to be something great from your hard work :).

Kate x
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