#Creative happy accidents + to much chocolate

Today I learnt something whilst munching on to many christmas chocolates, being creative is down to happy accidents and not thinking too much into the end product of what you’re doing. Maybe a lot of you feel the same in away that you really want to get something right but like me pick at the fact it’s not turning out like I’d planned in my head.

Fullscreen capture 27122013 230247.bmp

The funny thing is after tweeting I realised when I just stopped thinking into how things are done and had fun doing it ( whilst munching chocolates might I add) I could turn out the start to a really interesting illustration!

It’s the situation with my recent creative leap into YouTube ( check out my channelΒ hereΒ ) I built up the confidence and tweeted a creative youtuber who inspires me with all his idea’s and his creative oomph when it comes to just doing it and sharing what he’s passionate about .

It made my day when I received a tweet back spurring me on to “just do it” and to stop stumbling in front of that line that if crossed could lead you to somewhere great. Thanks shoo πŸ™‚ ( check out his channel here it might inspire :).

Kate x
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