Doodling on a mug progress

Hi everyone ,

So I thought I’d share my first time lapse youtube video on how I illustrated my recent christmas mugs , giving you a glimpse into the making of these really special gifts and the artwork itself. I hope you are all having a lovely holiday season so far wherever you are and are super excited as its only afew more sleeps until its christmas day 🙂 .p.s if you’d like to see full details on how to make your own then check out my previous post here!

Kate x
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4 thoughts on “Doodling on a mug progress

  1. Hiya, this is a great idea. Also good if someone gives you a boring cup! I was wondering, what kind of pen are you using to draw with and do you need to paint it after with some kind of glaze to stop it washing off?

    1. Hey there 🙂 !

      The pens I used are called porcelain 150 pebeo pens but also you can get them in paint pots to use a paint brush on your mugs rather than doodle with the pen :). Also you don’t need any glaze its really simple you draw your design let it dry for 24 hours then oven bake it and your good to go!

      Sometimes overtime the design can wear a little due to use or how you wash it 🙂 but I’ve followed the full steps to drying and baking previous mugs I’ve made and they are still as good as new!

      If you make your own I’d love to see 🙂 x Kate

      1. Hey definitely ! You should be able to find them in arts and craft stores locally and online 🙂 can’ wait to see what you come up with as I noticed your a lover of tea cup’s like me 🙂 (I collect vintage ones ;). Lovely blog by the way look forward to seeing more articles from you soon I’ll be sure to follow! Kate x

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